Fitness Fixes Anywhere On Vacation

When you ask what one word would be a best synonym for vacation, almost everyone would say “break.” Vacation is a break from your daily routine. It is a change of scenery for those household wives and moms who spend their days planning family meals, scrubbing pots and pans and doing the laundry. It is time off for the working dad â�� no more conference meetings to attend to, no more reports to finish before the deadline, no more wearing neckties and carrying heavy business folders and attaché cases. It is that much awaited summer trip of the youngsters who have longed for days when they can just play and play not thinking about homework and school projects.

Vacation thus is a chance to break away from your routine, your monotonous schedule. But then again, all of these breaching should not include your basic indispensable activities like eating three meals a day, brushing your teeth, taking a bath, getting enough sleep and regular exercise. Among these vital activities, more often than likely the last one is usually disregarded when people are on vacation. It seems like exercise is no longer part of the scheme when you are supposed to be having fun during vacation. No more time is usually the big excuse. Wrong. You can always stick to your workouts wherever you may be. Here are a few suggestions for you to squeeze in toning time even when you’re on that break.

While waiting for your boarding time in the airport, go for a stroll. Yes, walk and work out those legs and feet. Your promenade will not only tone your leg muscles but it will also keep you from being bored from waiting and perhaps distract you from munching on unnecessary desserts and treats from the nearby snack bar. More walking while on vacation � while sightseeing, you might consider striding around town instead of taking the shuttle bus. This way you get to get the most out of your sightings, see things up close and feel the rush of strolling and managing your tour your own way. When riding the bus you only get to peek at some places, your own pace affords you to stop and maybe even take a picture in between. If you do not like walking, choose to go biking. As compared to walking, a bike allows you to reach places faster. You are able to exercise your muscles and you are conserving energy too; healthy for you and for the environment.

Having your vacation in the beach is perfect for getting that tan and working out too. Take a good run or walk on the beach and breathe in that fresh salty air. Have fun and start a game of beach volleyball or Frisbee with your friends. All those catching and volleying will definitely break you in a sweat and with the heat of the sun you also get to have a great tan. Swimming is surely a great workout. So is surfing, kayaking or white water rafting, if you are feeling more athletic and adventurous. These are great upper and lower body workouts. By nighttime, go ahead and indulge yourself in that beach party. An hour of dancing and grooving to the music will surely burn those fats and even those margaritas that you just had a dose of.