Stone Ear Plugs

Body stretching has become a common practice, particularly in earlobes. The term “gauges” often refers to the size of the opening and jewelry.

Double Flared Ear Plugs are often known as “Saddle plugs” and have a slightly larger lip on the back and front of the plug than the middle. Please be aware that lips are usually one size larger than the gauge size (middle of the plug). For example, if you order 00G (10mm) plugs, the lip will be 12mm.

Please see the size callout shart below.

To keep your widened ear piercings clean (and free from infection), you must perform routine cleaning of jewelry.

This style comes in Gauge sizes:

SMALL: 14G (1.6 MM), 12G (2 MM), 10G (2.5 MM), 8G (3 MM), 6G (4 MM), 4G (5 MM), 2G (6 MM).
MEDIUM: 0G (8 MM), 00G (10 MM), 1/2 Inch (12 MM), 9/16 Inch (14 MM), 5/8 Inch (16 MM), 11/16 Inch (18 MM), 3/4 Inch (19 MM).
LARGE: 7/8 Inch (22 MM), 1 Inch (25 MM), 1 1/16 Inch (28 MM), 1 1/4 Inch (32 MM), 1 3/8 Inch (35 MM), 1 1/2 Inch (38 MM), 1 5/8 Inch (42 MM), 1 3/4 Inch (45 MM), 1 7/8 Inch (48 MM), 2 Inch (51 MM).

BodyJ4You 18PC Stone Ear Plugs Double Flare Saddle Stretching Gauges Expander 8G-16mm

VALUE PACK: 9 Pairs (18 Pieces) of Multicolor Organic Natural Stones Double Flare Saddle Plugs.
SIZE: 00 Gauge (10 MM). Each Pair Comes in Separate Bag and Size Verified. STONES: Created-Amethyst, Orange-Agate, Amber, Created-Goldstone, Compressed-Turquoise, White-Agate, Petalite, Tumbled Sodalite, Bloodstone.
DOUBLE FLARE: Saddle Plugs Have a Slightly Larger Lip on Both Sides and Don’t Require O-Rings, Meaning You are Far Less Likely to Have Your Plugs Fall Out and Go Missing.
MATERIAL: Stone is Very Comfortable Material to Wear. Polished Surface Prevents from Damage and Irritation to Your Piercing. Perfect For Daily Use.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: All BodyJ4You Items Are New And Unused. Guaranteed Satisfaction As We Offer 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.