Health Insurance In Tennessee

If you’re looking for affordable health insurance in Tennessee, TennCare might be the right choice for you.

TennCare, which went through a major reform 2005, is an affordable health insurance plan for people who qualify. Actually, TennCare is more than just affordable health insurance in Tennessee – it’s free health insurance in Tennessee; for those who qualify, of course.

TennCare used to much more accessible than it is today, after the reformation. Now, the trick is qualifying for this affordable health insurance in Tennessee. Those who lost their TennCare coverage include adults who are eligible for another kind of health insurance program or signed up for TennCare simply because they had very high medical bills.

Those who are still eligible after the reformation include pregnant women; women who need cancer treatment (breast and/or cervical); children under the age of 21; people receiving, or who have received, Supplement Security Income (SSI) or some other form of Social Security assistance; people who reside in nursing homes and have a total monthly income of less than $1,373; and anyone receiving any other kind of assistance from Tennessee, including the Families First program.

If you think you qualify for TennCare, visit the program’s Web site and take a look around; however, if you don’t qualify (and many don’t, even if they can’t find insurance elsewhere) but are still in need of affordable health insurance in Tennessee, don’t give up. There are other options for you. TennCare also provides information about health services such as health services, mental health services, and dental services offered throughout Tennessee at a low cost or for free. TennCare will even help you locate prescription medication services that may help you be able to afford your medications.

Although state-sponsored health insurance programs – such as TennCare – usually have a very strict set of criteria in order to qualify for benefits, there are always other ways to find affordable health insurance in Tennessee.