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Natural Hair Care: 125+ Homemade Hair Care Recipes And Secrets For Beauty, Growth, Shine, Repair and Styling (Easy To Make All Natural Hair Care Recipes … More Beautiful and Stronger Hair Book 1)

Are you ready to get gorgeous, rich and easily managed hair all naturally?

Whether you want to (1) get away from harsh, toxic chemicals that damage your hair, (2) stop paying through the nose for expensive hair care products, or (3) find solutions for your specific hair challenges that actually work, then keep reading as this book will show you everything you need to know.

Ditch the damaging chemicals and use easily applied natural hair care products!

No more guessing; now you can know exactly what you’re putting into your hair and why. You can support a healthy hair lifestyle by choosing from mixtures of raw organic ingredients to make your hair shine. These treatments are silicone free and most are gluten free. Find out what nutrients your hair needs in order to look its very best. Learn to use organic ingredients that will repair your specific hair type and will enhance its shine and manageability. Learn how to reduce the oiliness of oily hair and how to effectively moisturize dry hair. You can experience some dramatic anti-aging benefits by turning to natural solutions that are surprisingly simple to make. You’ll be using ingredients you have around your house to keep your hair vibrant, luscious, and glowing all year round. You won’t need fancy lab equipment to make these high quality hair treatments; everything can be easily mixed up in your kitchen, using little more than a glass bowl and a spoon.

Save money and get hair solutions that actually work!

Keep your hair from breaking off, flying loose, or going all frizzy on you; relax tight curls or introduce waves into straight hair; better yet, do it all for a fraction of the cost it would take if you used commercial products! You will learn how to use essential oils for more than their refreshing aromatherapy; these concentrated essences can provide powerful healing and protective energies. When you use biodegradable materials that do not harm the soil and are safe when introduced into the water system, you are also giving your hair healthy nutrients they need to grow strong, lush, and vibrant.

You can have incredible hair that will turn heads.

Learn what your hair needs in order to thrive. Use easy-to-follow instructions to create your own stimulating shampoos out of ingredients easily found in a grocery store or pharmacy. Make no-fail conditioners and rinses that render your hair squeaky clean and highly manageable. Use homemade styling aids that are every bit as powerful as their commercial counterparts, but are much less costly. Discover practical hair management pointers that are targeted for your specific hair type. You will also find some tips that will enhance your natural beauty and find practical advice to resolve some common hair care challenges.

What Will You Discover About Natural Hair Care?

How to use kitchen spices to enhance your hair’s natural color.
How to easily make your own shampoos and conditioners to strengthen and nourish your hair.
Which bits of hair care lore actually work, and which are totally bogus!
How to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth.
How to make a simple styling gels that will add body to fine hair, without weighing it down.

You Will Also Learn:

The practical use of hair rinses to target specific needs.
Foods you can eat that will give you healthier hair.
What hairstyles work best for which types of hair.
Pain-free strategies for growing out your bangs.

Make your hair incredible at a fraction of the cost: Get this book now!