Green and Black Tea are great for your health

Many cultures around the world drink tea. Some people drink tea as part of social interaction, and others drink it for their health. Specific teas, such as black tea and green tea, have been tested for their positive affects on people’s health. And studies have shown that these two teas can in fact benefit your body. And not just by providing a little pick me up in the morning either. Studies have shown that green tea can slow the growth of cancer cells. Everyone should take notice of these anti-carcinogenic properties, especially in an age of tremendous pollution. Studies by the National Cancer Institute, in America, have shown that powerful plant antioxidants within the tea will stunt the progression of cancerous cells. The cancer preventing properties of tea are just one of the wonderful properties of the drink.

Black tea has been found to increase the presence of certain anti-bacterial proteins in the body. Not just by a little bit either, but a considerable amount. When compared to coffee drinkers, tea drinkers actually had a concentration of disease preventing protein that was 400% higher. Clearly, these are significant health benefits to be had from drinking tea. The are even more benefits though. Mental acuity can be increased as well. A study of elderly people found that those who drink tea actually reduce their risk of mental problems by half when compared to people who don’t drink tea. And the tea drinkers only had to drink a couple cups a day to realize those amazing benefits.

Green tea can help increase the rate at which calories are burned in the body. The chemicals found in green tea allow the body to more efficiently burn fat for energy. Evidence also exist to show that drinking this type of tea can help the body reduce chemicals associated with stress. While this tea forestalls senility, it also more generally improves brain functioning in all segments of the population. The caffeine contained in green tea will help improve memory and give one sharper thinking.

This tea also contains chemicals specific to plants that slow down the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath. The health benefits of drinking green and black teas are quite remarkable. The same chemicals that slow bad breath can also help people with certain bowel diseases. The bacteria limiting properties of the tea helps ease the discomfort associated with such complications. While there are obviously a myriad of health benefits directly related to the physical properties of these teas, there is also mental health relaxation that is associated with preparing a warm beverage. Taking time out of your day to prepare something that is nourishing to your body can really allow you to calm down and retreat from the stresses of everyday life. Learning about all the different types of teas can be quite an enjoyable experience. Not only will you learn about the disparate boiling techniques for each tea, but you will learn each every tea’s specific chemical properties.