Facebook Marketing

A Step by Step Guide to Guaranteed Results (Facebook, Facebook Advertising, Facebook Ads)

Facebook Marketing has officially been solved, and you’ve just been given ALL THE ANSWERS

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You’re about to discover how to start, build, maintain, and optimize every single type of Facebook campaign.
A four time entrepreneur, Greg Brooks walks you through every secret and trick he has employed to successfully advertise on the world’s biggest platform. Having spent millions of dollars and many years perfecting his approach, Brooks truly seems to know everything from the structure of an advertisement on Facebook to the secret categories you can use to laser target your audience.

This book includes more than 90 screenshots over 100 pages that guarantee you will be able to navigate the ads manager and power editor sections of Facebook. You’ll learn how to use secret funnels that will give you a massive ROI of over 1000% (no, that was not a typo). You’ll also learn how to keep users interested in your campaigns after the shiny “new” tags have worn off. The ultimate goal of Facebook is to take users who are not your customers and turn them into loyal followers. If the ultimate goal of Brooks’s book is to teach you how to do this, he deserves a few awards for effectiveness.

Even better, the book is genuinely enjoyable to read. Brooks has a witty and enthusiastic writing style: whether he is tearing apart advertisements from Fortune 500 companies or pushing you through the barriers of success, you will find yourself churning through pages as money churns in to your pocket.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Why you NEED to advertise on Facebook
The psychology behind Facebook users
How to build up your brand so you pass the “test” when users investigate, all WITHOUT begging for likes
How to set up a campaign from start to finish (with LOTS of screenshots)
Which types of ads to NOT use
What images to use, where to get them, and even how to edit them for FREE
Why copy converts and when it doesn’t; and how to put converting copy in your ads
How to define your ideal customers and how to transcribe those prototypes into Facebook audience filters
Even more secret tips and tricks
Much, much more!

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Check Out What Others Are Saying…

“Brooks dissects actual Facebook ads from real companies and breaks down what’s wrong, what’s right, and what he would do differently. He helps you to understand how the average Facebook user thinks and how to get someone, who isn’t on Facebook to buy something, to see your ad and buy your product. He covers why and how you should create an ad the catches your target viewers eye and how to keep them interested. My review on this book is glowing. It has great info, tasks to solidify what you learn, and a guide to success.” – Aaron Robinson

“I am really happy to have learned some epic ideas about Facebook Marketing! This book is really very useful, important & perfect for an expert Facebook Marketer. I feel like I now magically know all the important tricks of Facebook!” – Sheuly Parvin

“Brooks concludes each chapter with a useful list of things you should have done before moving on to the next chapter. For instance, in the chapter about analyzing the various elements that make up an ad on Facebook, his tips include checking that you have created a fake target customer profile and noting down the characteristics of ads that you have reviewed.” – Ram Iyar