Engine Oil

Maximize engine durability. Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus Gasoline Engine Oil is specially engineered with the finest quality of PAO synthetic base oils, two proven friction modifiers, an advanced performance additive package and a viscosity index improver. This unique blend creates a premium, longer lasting oil that withstands a higher heat range – up to 250° – than conventional oil. Schaeffer’s Supreme 7000 significantly reduces friction and helps prevent damaging metal-to-metal contact. Like other Schaeffer products, Supreme 7000 keeps engines exceptionally clean and free from oil residue and sludge.

Supreme 7000 provides extra protection during stop-and-go driving conditions and is recommended for gasoline fueled automobile and light duty truck engines (including turbocharged and supercharged engines).

It’s like car smell for engine performance

Stop and go driving conditions create a prime opportunity for engine sludge and varnish to form. Over time, this harmful gunk restricts oil’s ability to flow freely and lubricate properly – and that will make your engine work harder.

Blended with enhanced detergency additives, Schaeffer’s synthetic motor oil 5w30 disperse harmful residue, keeping your engine clean for better oil flow and protection

New packaging coming! Red bottles contain the same great product as the black bottles.
Improves engine durability without affecting fuel economy.
Friction modified with Micron Moly and Penetro to reduce friction, wear and scuffing.
Keeps engines cleaner: minimal sludge, soot and carbon buildup.
Resists thinning at high temperatures.

Schaeffer Manufacturing Co. 0701-012S Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus Engine Oil, 5W-30, 1 quart