Cloud Cover Music US

Disrupting the B2B Streaming Music Marketplace.

What we do: Cloud Cover is a B2B Streaming Music Service that effectively solves many common legal, technical, operational and marketing challenges at a significant cost savings to the business. Our platform provides fully-licensed, ad-free music and messaging, curated to enhance customer engagement. Our cloud-based service allows you to manage streams of music and promotional messaging across multiple locations, all from a single interface.

Simple Pricing: Pay per Stream. Add or subtract locations as you need them. No hidden costs or contracts.
Simple Interface: Manage playlists, custom mixes, multiple streams and locations all from one cloud-based console.
Simple Licensing: Fully-licensed streams cover ASCAP, BMI, Global Music, SoundExchange, & Resound.
Customer Engagement: Manage multiple streams of music and promotional messaging with a click.
Mobile Streaming: Stream with any mobile or desktop device from a cloud-based console.
Zone Management: Target and engage customers in different locations with Zone Management.
Location Monitoring: Enforce brand standards and compliance across an entire network of locations.
Custom Mixing: Curate and control your brand’s music experience for each of your locations.
Campaign Reporting: Download time-series reports to track messaging campaigns back to sales.