Arcade Game Station

TAPDRA Arcade Video Game Station with 17082 Games, Support Add and Delete Games, 128GB Fast Card Retro Orange Pi PC Gaming Kit, Plug and Play, HDMI USB Port (2 Gamepad Included)

Perfect for Retro Gamers — Multifunctional home mini game machine. Tens of thousands of games (more than 17,000 games in total).
Gaming System & Emulation Station — Arcade / FC / MD / N64 / PSP / GBA / GB / GBC / GG / NPC / PC-Engine / SG-1000 / NEOGEO. Support more than 25 platforms.
More Stable System than Pandora’s Box — With RETRORANGEPI system and orangepi PC board, with larger ram and faster CPU / GPU. Supports 4 player games, HDMI output.
Includes a 128GB Micro SD Card — Preloaded with more than 17000 games and ready to enjoy it when you receive it instantly. You can also add or delete games by yourself.
Kodi System installed — It is a free internal muti-media app in the system and you can paly video, music, pictures and more.

Product description

OrangePi Model: Organe Pi PC
Ram: 1GB
Rom: 128GB(Pre-loaded with system and game roms, please back up the system before first use, for back up details, refer to the user manual)
Power: 5V 3A
Refer to the user manual for more specification and operation struction.

Based on Orange PI PC MINI Board, with RETRORANGEPI Emulation Station, More games with more stable system, more smooth games, better than pandora’s box system, support 30 different platforms, over 15000 games, adding games supported. Open source system allows you to DIY your own Arcade Cabinet, your retro Game Station.
Games included: (For reference only, maybe slighty adjusted, you can add or delete games by yourself)
Atari 2600: 648 Games
Atari 7800: 86 Games
LYNX: 86 Games
P Arcade: 2307 Games
Family Computer(FC): 238 Games
Games & Watch: 55 Games
Game Gear: 386 Games
Game Boy: 1451 Games
Game Boy Advance: 2206 Games
Game Boy Color: 1177 Games
Sega Master System: 329 Games
Sega Mega Drive: 1025 Games
MSX: 764 Games
Nintendo 64: 550 Games
NEOGEO: 159 Games
Nintendo Entertainment System: 2335 Games
NEOGEO Pocket: 9 Games
Turbografx16: 220 Games
Ports: 13 Games
Play Station: 124 Games
Genesis 32X: 37 Games
SEGA: 6 games
SG-1000: 86 Games
Super Nintendo: 2480 Games
Virtual Boy: 25 Games
Wonder Swan: 112 Games
Wonder Swan Color: 92 Games

What’s included:
1 * RETROORANGEPI Game Station (with 17082 Games pre-loaded)
1* Power Adapter (DC 5V 3A)
1* HDMI Cable
2* USB Gamepad
1* Game Station User Manual