Dating Your Best Friends Ex

Making the decision to date your best friends ex is one that should not be taken lightly. It can be a very sticky situation. If you go about entering into a relationship with your best friends ex in the wrong way, you could end up not only ruining your chance for a happy relationship, but also ruining the relationship that you have with your best friend. A little reserve and courtesy can go a long way towards helping you to make the right decision.

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is how long it has been since your best friend and their ex broke up. If the relationship ended recently, they may still have strong feelings for each other. Making the decision to enter into a relationship with the ex at this point in time should be avoided at all costs. You need to give both people time to get over their feelings for each other and to get past the breakup.

If you are seriously considering dating your best friends ex, it is a good idea to talk to your friend about this. There is nothing worse than feeling that your best friend went behind your back and started a relationship with your ex without even having the decency to discuss it with you. Spend some time talking with your friend.

Let them know that you are interested in a possible relationship with their ex. Find out what their honest feelings are about this. While it is not guaranteed that they will be honest and tell you exactly how they feel, you can tell a lot from body language, tone of voice, and what they say. Pay close attention to these signs and clues. If they say that they are fine with it, but their body language and all the signs tell you differently, you need to proceed with extreme caution.

Think about how this relationship will affect everyone involved. If you and your best friend usually do things on double dates or things like that, this will be hard to do when you are dating their ex. Think about how you are going to handle these situations.

How much of an impact is this decision going to have on your relationship with your best friend? Are you going to have to completely rearrange your life and what you do? It is important to have the answers to these questions and know what you are going to do before you start the relationship. It can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

If your best friend has major issues with you dating their ex, you are going to have to make a major decision. If you start this romantic relationship, it could potentially ruin your friendship completely. You have to decide if the possibility of a relationship with someone that interests you is worth losing your best friend over.

If you are that sure about wanting to date the person, then perhaps it is worth the risk. But, it is going to take a lot of serious thinking and decision making on your part. Whatever you do, make sure that you are upfront and honest with everyone that is involved. This is perhaps the best way to prevent problems and animosity.

Dating Your Best Friends Ex Husband-Consider Everyones Feelings

Nothing is more tricky in the dating world than dating your best friends ex husband. This is something that you must give serious thought to before you decide it is a good idea.

Many times we ignore everything around us and don’t consider the hurt we may cause when we meet someone we think we can’t live without. But, it is important for you to balance and carefully consider several points before you choose to go down this road.

If you choose this course you will likely lose a friend. Now, in the beginning of your relationship that may seem acceptable, but it is important that you are realistic.

Most relationships start off with fireworks and stars but they often end up with explosions and black holes. Make sure that it is worth losing a good friend over.

Here are some other things to think about before you start dating your best friends ex husband:

1. The end of a relationship is painful. Carefully consider how much pain your friend was in during the process as well as how much pain they are in now. When I got divorced many years ago people would tell me how sorry they were.

While I appreciated their sentiments I kind of felt like a hypocrite since the marriage had actually been over for a long time and should have ended much sooner.

Sure, I still felt a little sadness but I wasn’t devastated… not even close. So try to figure out what damage, if any, you dating your friends ex would cause your friend.

If all else fails ask them what they think. Though don’t be surprised if they give you their blessing and resent you later. There are a lot of swirling emotions at play and it can be confusing for your friend to know how they will really feel until they are actually in that situation.

2. Also, make sure you are 100% honest with yourself about why you want to date the ex of your friend. Sometimes we tell ourselves that we love someone but in reality is more about feeling comfortable.

If you are single and lonely and you find yourself suddenly interested in the ex of a friend, it’s very possible that that is nothing more than desperation on your part.

It’s not uncommon for us to lie to ourselves and convince ourselves of things we don’t want to admit. Make sure you are honest about why this one person out of millions suddenly seems like such a good catch.

3. Along with point 2, you must also stop and remember the way this person acted to your friend while they were together. If they treated your friend badly what makes you think they will be any better with you?

I had a friend who started dating a married man. This guy was already cheating on his wife with another woman when he met my friend. My friend never admitted it but I think she convinced herself that he loved her more than his wife or the other other woman.

Personally, dating someone who is already cheating sounds like a bad idea all the way around to me. If someone mistreats others, in this case his wife and his mistress, it’s unlikely they are going to love you so much more that they will suddenly change the person they are.