Affordable Health Insurance While Unemployed

Affordable health insurance for the unemployed may feel impossible to find, but as long as you know where to look and have determination it is within your reach. Actually, self-employed individuals and individuals who are employed but aren’t offered employer-sponsored group health insurance can benefit from the much of the same advice.

The first step to finding affordable health insurance for the unemployed is to find out if you’re eligible for COBRA. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) made it possible for individuals who are terminated, laid off, or transferring jobs to temporarily continue to receive group health insurance benefits. So, if you’ve just recently become unemployed for any of those reasons, referred to as “qualifying events,” contact your former employer for more information about your COBRA benefits.

The second step to finding affordable health insurance for the unemployed is to check into purchasing short-term health insurance. Short-term health insurance policies are designed with the unemployed person in mind, so rates are most likely within your budget. They can last anywhere from six to 12 months, so they’re perfect for individuals who are actively seeking employment or another form of affordable health insurance.

The third step to finding affordable health insurance for the unemployed is to contact your state’s department of insurance and request information about subsidiaries for which you’re eligible. Most states provide some form of free or low-cost health coverage for residents who meet certain income requirements. Some states even have special low-cost health insurance plans for people who can’t otherwise obtain health insurance. At the very least, you should find a free or low-cost health coverage program that will provide health care for your children, or assistance with special health care needs (i.e. diabetes, mental health, female health check-ups and conditions, etc.)

A change in your employment status doesn’t mean a change in your health needs. It may take some footwork, but it’s possible to find affordable health insurance for the unemployed.

Health Insurance In Tennessee

If you’ve been receiving TennCare or any other affordable health insurance benefits in Tennessee, but have found yourself no longer eligible, you must search elsewhere for affordable health insurance in Tennessee. There are critical deadlines that must be met before obtaining affordable health insurance goes from being somewhat annoying to nearly impossible.

Planning to enroll in a group health insurance plan? You must do so within 30 days of losing your previous health insurance in Tennessee. You may be enrolling in the group health insurance plan offered by your employer, or one offered by your spouse’s employer. Either way, make sure you enroll before the 30 days is up or you might find it difficult to get affordable health insurance.

Planning to purchase an individual health insurance plan? If you’ve been insured for the past 18 months but have lost coverage and now wish to purchase an individual health insurance plan, you have a bit more time to get the ball rolling than you would have with a group health insurance plan. You must purchase an individual health insurance plan within 63 days after losing your previous health insurance coverage.

Prepare yourself for a waiting period. If you have a pre-existing health condition, you could be subject to a “waiting period” before your new health insurance plan actually takes effect. However, if you’ve had 18 months of constant health insurance and haven’t not exceeded the allotted amount of time in between coverage, a waiting period might not apply to you.

Losing health insurance can be depressing. One day you’re ready to conquer the world because, after all, if you fall down you know you can pay for a doctor to fix you! The next day, you’re afraid to leave your home. Do not let the loss of affordable health insurance in Tennessee intimidate you. Get out there and find yourself another affordable health insurance plan before your deadlines are up!

Affordable Health Insurance For New Yorkers

If you’re like many New Yorkers, you probably take an employer’s affordable group health insurance benefits into consideration before you decide whether or not to begin a new job. Sure, it’s most likely not the deciding factor, but it in all probability it plays some role in your decision-making process. After all, New York employer-sponsored group health insurance plans are generally the most affordable way to get health care, and we all know how expensive health care and individual health insurance plans can be these days.

Even though it’s a great way to keep employees healthy and happy, not all employers offer New York group health insurance benefits to their employees; more so, they’re not required to. What should you do if you really want or need the job in front of you, even though it doesn’t offer employee medical benefits?

You should look into Healthy NY. Healthy NY is a health insurance program for working individuals, self-employed folks, and small business owners in New York. Of course, like many health coverage plans, each group of eligible persons has a set of requirements to meet.

For example, working individuals and self-employed people are eligible for affordable health insurance for New Yorkers as long as they are currently employed or were within the last 12 months and have no access to employer-sponsored group health insurance benefits. Changes in employment and COBRA benefits qualify New Yorkers for Healthy NY, as do separation or divorce and family deaths.

New York small business owners can enroll in Healthy NY, too, as long as there are less than 50 employees and 30 percent of them make less than $35,000 a year. Small business owners who take advantage of this New York affordable health insurance can reap tax deductions, too.

For more information about Healthy NY, or about any other kind of affordable health insurance for New Yorkers, contact the New York State Department of Insurance.

Better Health at Affordable Rates

Cheap generic drugs are made available primarily to provide a more affordable alternative to branded medications. Generics have been well-received by the public due to the demand for more medical products that would not be expensive and thus, within the means of the poor and average-income citizens to buy. Cheap generic drugs are fast becoming popular in many countries that cannot fully subsidize public health care and the costs of medicines.

In Mexico, for instance, the leading retailer of generic medications is Wal-Mart de Mexico, or called simply as Walmex. It originally launched a medicine line of 150 cheap generic drugs, each of which sells for no more than $3.50. This was launched due to the consistent demand for affordable medicines and the need for a one-stop shop or pharmacy that sells drugs at lower prices. Walmex has Medi-Mark, a line of generic medications that have been made available at the retailer’s supermarket chains. The generics line includes pain relievers, paracetamol, as well as more complex medications like cafergot, a medication for treating migraine.

According to an industry source, some of the medications that are being manufactured by different laboratories will cost around 90 percent less than the leading brands sold over the counter. This particular brand of cheap generic drugs (Medi-Mark) is now a permanent fixture, and not a trial program as most people initially thought it would be. Walmex medications are from Canifarma, a group that distributes medicines made by more than 150 different drug manufacturers. In case any reports or comments are made, it will also be directed to Canifarma. Walmex’s mother company, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., has also launched a similar plan in the United States last year. However, their prices are for $4 per perscription, and not around $3.50. The US-based Wal-Mart reported that their $4 prescription medications now account for more than 35 percent of all prescriptions filled at the company’s stores.

However, not all news about cheap generic drugs end on a positive note. In India, the Indian Parliament has approved legislation by the parliament’s lower house to ban domestic firms from manufacturing low-cost generic copies of patented drugs. The new legislation, which will eventually replace the current patent law and was allowed to copy patented drugs (as long as they use a different kind of manufacturing process), still has to be sanctioned by the upper chamber before it becomes law.

The Indian governement, for its part, believes that patent recognition is an essential pre-condition for India’s drug industry to further its own drug research and development, as well as to attract foreign partners. Health activists, on the contrary, are urging the government to reconsider because millions of AIDS patients would suffer from the withdrawal of affordable medications should patenting be pursued.

More than just an issue of pricing and profit, the manufacture of generic drugs has become a social and moral issue. The availability of medicines is now about saving the lives of millions of people who suffer from disease; and making better health more attainable through affordable prices of

Generate a Healthy Income Online with Gifting

If you’ve always dreamed of earning a part-time or full-time income online from your home, gifting might be the solution. Gifting offers a tremendous opportunity to work from home, reduce your taxable income, and gain wealth for your future. Through gifting, many Web entrepreneurs are discovering benefits they didn’t realize were theirs.

Gifting Explained

Gifting is a unique home based opportunity in which no company is involved, there are no payroll checks, and there are no overhead expenses. It relies on the “act of giving” and the reap-and-sow concept – giving results in receiving. Gifting is beneficial to everyone because gifts within certain monetary value limits as set forth by the government are considered tax-free. These gifts come directly off the top of your income, thus, decreasing your taxable income and possibly your tax bracket.

The beauty of gifting is you can give and receive as many gifts as you want all the while helping others to become a giver and receiver. There are many ways to give gifts and benefit from giving on your taxes. Some acceptable gifts are monetary gifts, real estate gifts, mutual funds, gifts in kind, life insurance gifts, income gifts for heirs, charitable donations, and retirement assets. Churches, charity organizations, companies, and even royal families have been benefiting from giving for years. There are even medical insurance alternatives called medical share programs in which participants send money as gifts to individuals according to monthly medical needs. But many individuals don’t realize they can benefit too, even if they don’t own a business or charitable organization.

Giving and Receiving for Income

To establish a full-time or part-time income, there are home based gifting opportunities that act as a liaison between the parties on both the giving and receiving end. The givers and receivers all benefit by recommending others, but unlike pyramids or network marketing plans, those who are recommended are not on bottom levels trying to work their way up. Also, there is no selling involved. Web resources, videos, and other avenues make explaining the process easy. And unlike most business opportunities, there are no products or services to sell. Everyone gives and receives the same gifts, so everyone benefits.

Benefits of Gifting

Gifting is growing in popularity as a home based opportunity for several reasons. The benefits of giving are not commonly known to the general public; therefore, there’s a good opportunity to educate others about gifting and its many rewards. Also, there are many others online who would like to share in a gifting opportunity but aren’t sure how or who to trust. This allows new gifters to introduce many people to the concept without a lot of advertising.

Another benefit is anyone can participate in gift giving from their home, enjoy freedom from a 9-to-5 job, and spend more time with their family. Gifting also brings many interesting people together to form lifelong friendships. Everyone involved has a sense of giving back to the online community while also enjoying the benefits of receiving extra income for enjoyment, bills, retirement, college tuition, savings, and other financial needs.

Gifting allows many people to stay at home while building tremendous wealth. The gifting income levels vary from one individual to another, with some earning thousands of dollars each month. For those who realize success through gifting, the “joy of giving” becomes much more joyful!

Gearing Up for Fitness

Getting in shape is much easier when you have the appropriate sports apparel to wear. With so many online resources, you can now find almost any type of clothing for fitness and exercise, running, playing sports games, etc.

Many of these items can be found online at a sports shopping mall in a variety of brand names such as NBA, NFL, NASCAR and NCAA, and at a reasonable price. Here’s a quick guide to sports apparel, and how to choose the clothing and accessories that are right for you.

Apparel for Playing Sports (Sports Jerseys-Apparel, etc.)

When ordering items such as sports jerseys or other apparel for yourself or your team, keep in mind that the fit should be comfortable and the materials should be flexible. During any active game such as football, basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, etc., there will be lots of arm and leg movement. Be sure to order the appropriate sizes and allow for a little moving room. Don’t order items too big because the clothing could be a hindrance if it’s too baggy. Spandex materials are usually popular choices for these types of sports.

Track and Running Shoes

If you’re involved in track at school or in the professional realm, the main focus should be on your running shoes. Choose shoes that fit snug, but comfortably. The shoes should not slide on your heel, nor should they hurt your toes after wearing them for an hour or two. Be sure the shoes provide adequate support for your heels and arches. Also, buy running shoes that feel lightweight on your feet while running. Check to make sure the shoes have good treads on the bottom. Your running shoes should be a help, not a hindrance.

Fitness Training and Gym Workouts

At the gym, or during fitness training, buy sports clothing according to the type of exercises you will perform. For instance, wear pants that fit snugly around the legs if doing leg exercises, especially on an exercise bike or similar equipment. Loose-fitting pants could get caught in the machinery and cause injury.

For aerobic-style fitness training, wear leotards with leggings, bike shorts and a jog top. Or, wear a snug-fitting t-shirt with boxer-style shorts. Don’t wear clothing that’s baggy, as it will hinder your body’s movement. For shoes, wear aerobic shoes if possible, but avoid running shoes with heavy treads.

Sports Swimwear

If swimming in competitions, choose a bathing suit that promotes speed and smooth swimming. There are special types of swimsuits that have “vertical line” designs in the material to channel water away from the body. Competition swimwear should be slick, comfortable, and allow for easy body movement.

To find these types of unique sportswear items used to be difficult – especially for those living in a small town with limited retailers. But nowadays, you can shop for all types of sports clothing and fitness apparel from your own home computer any time of the day or week.

Online sports shopping malls offer all types of sports clothing, fitness wear, athletic supplies, sporting goods-sports equipment, sports memorabilia, and more. And, you can usually get a great price for these items online. Use the tips above to dress for sports success!

Gardening Tips

When buying house plants whether it is from Lowes, Home Depot or a local garden center there are several things to consider. Many people just pick up a house plant without giving any thought, especially if the cost is low. But think about this, every house plant you purchase can give you years of enjoyment if it is properly inspected before you buy. Take time to choose a perfect house plant. If you hastily buy a house plant, it has the potential of causing devastation to your other house plants. And one rule to always abide by is never buy plants when you are in a hurry, that’s a gardening tip everyone should heed.

Take the time to inspect the leaves on the house plant for pests. Aphids, spider mites and scale will not only wreck havoc on this house plant but on your others as well. And be sure to look under the leaves and at the nodes where many pests thrive. Here is what to look for on your potential house plant:

Aphids appear as small green or black insects, usually found on buds and new growth. These insects suck the juices out of house plants, and also secrete honeydew.

Spider mites are small insects, which appear as small white specks, usually on the undersides of leaves, or on flowers of the house plant. Spider mites will form webbing, like a spider’s web around infected house plants. The spider mites will be visible in the webbing as white specks.

Scale looks like tiny, brown, oval-shaped bumps visible on the house plants leaves and stem. The scale is actually a protective covering which protects the insect. Scales produce honeydew, a clear sticky substance which can be seen on affected house plants.

You may want to search the internet for other gardening tips on how to treat these pests if one happens to infect some of your house plants.

If the house plant seems too big for the container, pass it by, it is likely to be root bound. Remember bigger isn’t necessarily better. I always pull a house plant from it’s container to check the root ball; reputable stores should allow you to do this. If the house plant is already root bound you will have to open your wallet not only for the plant but for potting soil and a new container. Then YOU have to re pot it and hope it will continue to be healthy. If you don’t mind this, then by all means buy the house plant. If you are going to re pot you may want to look at the self watering containers that are available now. These are great for someone that travels and isn’t around everyday to check the soil.

Examine the container of the house plant for cracks. Be sure the container will harmonize with your existing house plants containers. Try to purchase plants by shape and height when using the house plant for groupings in and around your home. Keep the small tag that is attached to the plant in a notebook so you will always have the directions on the plants needs. This is a really good gardening tip!

Now you know the secrets of buying spectacular house plants.

Happy Gardening!

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No doubt Obesity or overweight is a major problem that is engulfing the entire world in a very voluptuous manner. The more people are trying to avoid it the more they are getting prone to it. But, has anybody tried to find out the reasons behind it? After a serious of extensive results dieticians proved that majority of the masses are suffering form it due to irregular and unhealthy food habits. But, the fact is that today’s world has become so workaholic that people hardly gets time to keep a check on their food habits and thinking about a schedule exercise remains a dreams forever.

On the other hand being overweight increases the risk of various health diseases. Heart attacks, diabetes, hypertension are a few to mention. So it will be a wise and cleaver step to keep overweight and excess fats as far as possible.

After a series of extensive research it has been found that use of a proper medicine or a diet pill can be very result oriented. Of late one such medicine, Xenical is gripping the weight loss market with a significant pace. Xenical diet pill is found to be completely different from various other diet pills available in the market. FDA trails have proved it to very effective in the process of fat loss and overweight by suppressing our appetite.

Xenical is indicated in conjunction with a mildly hypocaloric diet for the treatment of obesity and also with it’s associated risk factors. A person should be on a nutritionally balanced multivitamin diet with a bit of jogging through out its course. Generally the recommended dose for a slightly obsessed patient is 120mg capsule three times a day and which should be taken before one hour of each meal.

However clinical trails have no prove of overdose but found some mild side affects at the initial stage of its usage. But to determine whether one is a right candidate for Xenical, it’s always recommended for a doctor’s advice.

Future of Baby Boomer Health Care

Signs are pointing to a coming physician shortage in America. With the headaches that will bring, universal care should be the last hardship the government hangs around our necks.

The Los Angeles Times has reported that the “Demand for doctors is accelerating more rapidly than supply.” The results will be — and already are in some places — frustrating: longer waiting periods to see physicians, particularly specialists; more trips to see a doctor; and decisions by many to simply forgo care.

Sounds a lot like Canada’s nationalized health care system.

Canadian health care, held up by many as the model the U.S. should adopt, is a disaster largely because of the enormous demand it has created. Consequently, Canadians are suffering through a pandemic of poor health care at a time when technology should be helping them live much longer and healthier lives than could have been imagined a generation ago.

North of the border, unreasonably long waiting periods are the cause of much suffering — even death. Drugs and modern medical equipment that most Americans take for granted are in short supply. Hospitals are overcrowded, and doctors and nurses, fed up with it all, are quitting.

Blame a system under which a third party (the government, using tax dollars), pays for health care, thereby stimulating demand. When someone else pays the bill, people will consume more health care than if they were paying for it themselves. This is common sense. With demand artificially ratcheted up, the system cannot provide enough services to keep up.

Such a system is unsustainable. So why force a similar one on the U.S. when there aren’t enough doctors now to keep up with the growing demand for medical services?

Physician search firm Merritt, Hawkins & Associates says it already takes an average 24 days for U.S. patients to see a dermatologist for a routine skin cancer checkup. And that’s in our biggest cities, not rural areas. Waiting times are similar for gynecologists (23 days) and cardiologists (19). Universal care will only make these and other waits longer.

America’s doctor shortage doesn’t lend itself to a public policy solution. It’s largely demographic: As baby boomers retire in record numbers — and likely get sick in record numbers as well — doctors within the baby boom cohort also will be retiring. By 2020, the U.S. could be short 90,000 to 200,000 doctors, Merritt, Hawkins estimates.

That means even longer hours for younger doctors, at least those who haven’t been run out of the profession by excessive malpractice insurance premiums fueled by outrageous malpractice lawsuits and jury awards.
Medical schools want to boost enrollment in response to the low supply. But as long as the financial incentives of the profession are clipped by sue-happy trial lawyers, runaway juries and obliging courts, the shortage is unlikely to self-correct.

What are you to do? Take health care into your own hands of course. Try homeopathic or nutritional supplementation. Thus, eliminating the expensive cost of health care, time needed to see a doctor and the overall problem of even getting sick.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Take control of your health today. The health & wellness industry is expected to be a “Trillion Dollar Industry” by 2010. Supplementation use is growing and being fueled significantly by baby boomers. Now is the time to get on board the prevention and wellness industry.
To the best of your health,

HealthCare Insurance Policy

Prohibited Marketing Practices. It is unlawful for a company or agent to use high pressure tactics to force or frighten you into buying a Medigap policy, or to make fraudulent or misleading comparisons to get you to switch from one company or policy to another. Deceptive “cold lead” advertising also is prohibited. This lactic involves mailings to identify individuals who might be interested in buying insurance. If you fill in and return the card enclosed in the mailing, the card may be sold to an insurance agent who will try to sell you a policy.

Check Your Right to Renew. States now require that Medigap policies be guaranteed renewable. This means that the company can refuse to renew your policy only if you do not pay the premiums or you made material misrepresentations on the application. Beware of older policies that let the company refuse to renew on an individual basis. These policies provide the least permanent coverage. Even though your policy may be guaranteed renewable the company may adjust the premiums from time to time. Some policies have premiums which increase as you grow older.

Know With Whom You’re Dealing. A company must meet certain qualifications to do business in your state. You should check with your state insurance department to make sure that any company you are considering is licensed in your state. This is for your protection. Agents also must be licensed by your state and may be required by the state to carry proof of licensure showing their name and the company they represent. If the agent cannot verify that he or she is licensed, do not buy from that person. A business card is not a license.

Keep Agents’ and/or Companies’ Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers. Write down the agents’ and/or companies’ names, addresses and telephone numbers or ask for a business card that provides all that information.

If You Decide To Buy, Complete the Application Carefully. Do not believe an insurance agent who tells you that your medical history on an application is not important. Some companies ask for detailed medical information. If you leave out any of the medical information requested, coverage could be refused for a period of time for any medical condition you neglected to mention. The company also could deny a claim for treatment of an undisclosed condition and/or cancel your policy.

Look For an Outline of Coverage. You must be given a clearly worded summary of the policy… READ IT CAREFULLY.

Do Not Pay Cash. Pay by check, money order or bank draft made payable to the insurance company, not to the agent or anyone else. Get a receipt with the insurance company’s name, address and telephone number for your records.

Policy Delivery or Refunds Should be Prompt. The insurance company should deliver a policy within 30 days. If it does not, contact the company and obtain in writing the reason for the delay. If 60 days go by without a response, contact your state insurance department.

Use the “Free-Look” Provision. Insurance companies must give you at least 30 days to review a Medigap policy. If you decide you don’t want the policy, send it back to the agent or company within 30 days of receiving it and ask for a refund of all premiums you paid. Contact your state insurance department if you have a problem getting a refund.

And again, do not rush or be pressured into deciding on a policy. Trusting salespeople will take their time with you. If you are uncertain about a particular program, have the salesperson tell it to someone else, this sometimes helps too.

Functional Fitness

The New Year has brought with it some drastic shifts in the fitness industry. What was hot and trendy in 2005 isn’t necessarily still giving off the same steam in 2006. Fitness in 2006 is no-nonsense! Functional fitness marks the return of many tied and true fitness trends that are hardly worthy of the term “trend” at all. Rather, these fitness tactics have proven themselves time and time again:

Functional Workouts – You’re bound to hear a great deal of the term “functional training” this year. This refers to any workout that transcends into our everyday activities. Examples of functional exercise include sport-specific training (for novice athletes or weekend warriors), core training and multi-muscle moves that target the muscles we use regularly.

Short Effective Workouts – We’re demanding shorter total body workouts. Examples include fitness classes like – cardio-pump and cardio-resistance training fusion workouts such as Boxercise with weighted gloves. Total body circuits made up of multi-muscle exercises like squats, lunges, push ups, and pull ups are also popular.

Core Training –The core is specifically all of the muscles in your abs and back that help strengthen your other muscles and better support your spine. A happy spine will make simple daily tasks – such as reaching, bending and lifting, chasing the kids, even sex – easier and more enjoyable. Get ready to see more core training hit your gym in the form of stability ball workouts, Pilates and yoga strength and stretch workouts, and abdominal-specific workouts.

Common Sense Dieting – There has been a big shift away from low carb – high protein “wonder diets”. The vast majority of North Americans know that a healthy body needs carbohydrates in the form of whole grains, fiber, colorful fruits and leafy green vegetables for a complete diet. This shift towards intuitive healthy eating recognizes that 6 healthful small meals a day is a lifestyle and not a diet at all. Better yet, it’s an eating plan that people can adopt for life.

Mind-Body Workouts – Fusion workouts with more spiritual origins (yoga and Pilates) mixed with traditional weight training and cardio elements are huge. With mounting stresses at home and work individuals want a way to get in shape physically and mentally.

Fun Workouts – Today fitness is considered a leisure activity, so it has to be fun or people simply won’t do it. Fun workouts to hit the scene are largely dance-inspired – belly dancing, cardio strip, pole dancing, and salsa dance workouts. So we get our fun and workout too!

Workouts at Home – If you’ve decided to get into shape, do you want to spend a ton of money on a piece of fitness equipment that might be a clothes rack in a month? That’s why working out at home, in limited space with small, economical pieces of equipment – like resistance bands, dumbbells, stability balls and pure body weight exercises (push ups, crunches, body squats, bench dips) is high on our priority lists and light on our pocketbooks.

Fitness for the family

In this day and age that is packed with indoor activities – like video games, the internet, and endless television shows, a trampoline can be a valuable asset to the family. A trampoline allows your children to have an outlet for their energy – and to get exercise.

By using an outdoor trampoline, children have a place to go relax, have fun, and get in better shape. It is not only children that can benefit from a trampoline. Adults can use it too, and it is a great method for exercise and enjoyment – bouncing on an outdoor trampoline can provide many benefits to people of all ages. Trampolining is an excellent way to get fitter and healthier. You can improve your strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, agility and confidence.

Trampolines are a source of real fun for self and family. However, it is very valuable if one knows exactly what shape, size or type of trampoline, the different safety precautions one needs to take for a safe exercise routine.

On top of that, the forces going through your legs and hips help to build bone density giving you stronger bones. Trampolines are not as dangerous as you might expect providing that you use them correctly. Trying to do too much too soon isn’t a good idea… your body needs time not only to learn new moves safely but also to adapt to the new stresses being put through it.

Fun Spot Trampoline offers trampoline pads, mats, springs, covers and other trampoline parts & accessories. Our products are backed by the industry’s first “Low Price Guarantee”. Fun Spot has built a 33-year history providing superior quality trampoline parts to both domestic and international customers. Offering compatible trampoline parts for Fun Spot, JumpKing, Hedstrom, NBF, Sky Bouncer, Bazoongi, Jump Pro, Bollinger and other popular trampoline brands.

Fulvic Acid

Please read on to discover how you can instantly boost your health and vitality as a result of the most astounding experiment in medical history.
Dr. Alexis Carrell, a Nobel Prize winner, researched experimental surgery, did ground-breaking work with human blood vessels, and was a pioneer of organ transplants.

Dr. Carrell took cells from the heart of a dead chicken. He put them in a solution of minerals and nutrients. He kept these cells alive for 28 years. They remained amazingly healthy. And they never aged, never got sick, and didn’t die!

In the conclusion of the experiment Dr.Carrell stated, “Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition and, as far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever.”
All you need to do is two things, renew the fluid and give the cells what they need for nutrition.

You see, as you age your cells aren’t able to dispose of their wastes as well as when you were young. Natural acid salts build up in the walls of your cells, and they get stiffer and thicker.
Because the cell walls get thicker they cannot let as much vital nutrients and oxygen into your cells.

It’s also essential to wash away the waste and toxins your cells produce. That’s because the day Dr. Carrell stopped changing the solution and giving nutrients the cells died.

You must flush away wastes before they eat into the cells of your veins, arteries, and heart weakening and aging you.

The most dangerous wastes that are building up in your system now are acid wastes. I am almost 100% certain that you are building up a dangerous acid overload right now in your heart and veins.

How can I be so sure? Because it’s caused by the modern American diet. Please note, the acid I am warning you about is not stomach acid. The acid produced by a modern diet is flowing through your fluids and tissues all through your body.

There are two ways to fight acid overload.

#1. Make your diet almost 100% fruits and vegetables, which create alkaline in your body that neutralizes the acid wastes.
There are good acids in your body, and bad acids. Stomach acid is a good acid, as long as there is not too much of it, and it stays where it belongs in your stomach.

Another good acid is Folic Acid. It is a B vitamin and is used in your body to make new cells.

# 2. Flood your body with Fulvic Acid. You may not have heard of it yet. But it’s being used around the world in healing and treatment of disease.
If you are fatigued, it’s because your body is being flooded by toxins that have built up over the years. You need to get the nutrients and oxygen back into your stressed out cells so they can breathe again — you will instantly gain new energy.

Fulvic acid will flood nutrients into your cells, and flush away toxins and bad acid wastes. You will start enjoying light, refreshing new energy within minutes. Here are some of the benefits of taking fulvic acid.

– Beat the “always tired” draggy feeling
– Instantly energize your entire body
– Have new pep and drive to do more of the things you want to do
– Gain more stamina
– Look, feel, and act younger

Feel great in the morning with the energy and zest you had 20 years ago
Many scientific studies, like the ones you have been reading about here, have revealed that many diseases and nagging health problems can be made better by taking Fulvic Acid.

Fulvic acid is a 100% natural, pure product. In over 1000 published reports, not one dangerous side effect has been published. You are completely safe.
Laboratory and scientific tests all over the world are proving the power of Fulvic Acid and all the techniques you will learn reading more about Fulvic Acid.

Because you are still reading here at the end of this long article, then I suspect that Fulvic Acid is exactly what you need, right now.
We live in a busy world. Sometimes it seems like there is time for everything else, and everyone else. I would like you to ask yourself this one simple question. – “Is this the time for me to really take control of my health, energy, and youthfulness?”

If you say yes to this question, then I can say with the utmost confidence, that Fulvic Acid will absolutely provide you with everything you need to have outstanding success.

Fruits And Vegetables A Healthy Choice

Most people know that eating fruits and vegetable are good for your health. Yet many people still don’t eat enough of fruits and vegetables. Experts say that everyone should get at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Increasing your vegetable and fruit intake will boost your health, you can also lose weight.

You might think 5 serving or even 9 serving is a lot to ask for. But you should still try your best to achieve the goal because after all you are doing if for yourself and your loved ones. Here is list of things you can eat for 1 serving to help you out.

A medium fruit or vegetable, for example an orange, apple or banana will be one serving. So will two small fruits, such as kiwi or plums. ½ cup of fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. ½ cup of 100% juice will do the trick as well. And other options could be ¼ cup of dried fruit or a cup of green salad. These are ides that will get you started.

Many studies have proven that a diet full of fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of some cancers, heart disease and other chronic diseases and conditions.

Antioxidant vitamins can be found in many fruits and vegetables, such as vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C. Not only that, but fruits are also a source of dietary fibre.

Many people may not know but not only do citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits have a great source of vitamin C, they are also a good source for fibre.

The list goes on and on for the benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables. The bottom line is to just try and add fruits and vegetables to your diet if you haven’t already. And if you have, to keep eating them and eat as much of them as you can.

Fruit Juices

For anyone trying to maintain a healthy diet, soda is one of the worst things that you can put in your body. It is full of sugar, in addition to other chemicals that do nothing but harm your body. So if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you should start thinking about cutting soda from your diet. One option is to replace it with fruit juice. Whenever you feel the urge to drink soda, just throw back a cup of fruit juice. It will probably have almost as much sugar, but you replace harmful chemicals with beneficial vitamins.

Sometimes you can find a fruit juice that will combat other health problems. Grape juice is said to prevent blood clots. Urinary tract infections can be battled by cranberry juice. Pomegranate juice can clear your arteries.

To choose which juice you are going to drink, you should first look for something colorful, with a purple, red, or blue color. These have anthocyanins, which are beneficial antioxidants. You should also look for juice where you can see sediments in the bottom of the bottle, since this means that the whole fruit has been used in making the juice. Scientists say it’s more beneficial to eat a fruit than it is to drink it, but if you insist on juice then you might as well get as close as possible to the real thing.

There are hundreds of different juice options, from domestic apple and grape juice, to exotic noni or goji juice. The best thing you can do is simply try out a few different juices, and research their effects on the body. Then you can decide on one that will be beneficial for you. But if you are replacing excessive amounts of soda, then almost anything is a step up on the healthiness level.


Having female sexual dysfunction can be bothersome, a terrible condition similar to erectile

dysfunction in men. Inadequate sexual function in women can be a complex problem that can have

many different causes. An estimated 40% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction, and might be

caused by any physical illness, or may be linked to psychological factors. This condition mainly

affects a woman’s sexual health, and has symptoms including lack of sexual desire, inability to

enjoy sex, insufficient vaginal lubrication, and even failure to have an orgasm.

Also known as Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD), this condition still makes women

psychologically desire for sex, but their genital area fails to respond normally, making it

painful or impossible to have sex. When men and women normally get aroused, their genitals become

engorged with blood. For women, this results in the enlargement of the clitoris and surrounding

tissues (comparable to a male erection), secretion of vaginal lubrication, and relaxation and

widening of the vaginal opening for intercourse.

A woman’s sexual health is affected by a number of other health conditions. In this case, FSAD

can result from an underlying medical condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes. This can

also be caused by certain irritations, infections, and growth in the vaginal area. It can also be

a negative physiological reaction to certain birth control methods. This condition may also be

caused by medications used to treat high blood pressure, peptic ulcers, depression, anxiety, or

cancer. Another reason may be due to a combination of physical, hormonal, or emotional changes

that occur during or after pregnancy, or while breast feeding. In addition, FSAD can also be

linked to several psychological causes including depression, poor self-esteem, sexual abuse, fear

of pregnancy, inadequate or ineffective foreplay, feelings of shame or guilt about sex, or stress

and fatigue.

For treatment of FSAD, on going research has suggested that the use of Viagra for treating sexual

disorders in women helps increase blood flow, thereby increasing physical stimulation in the

genital area. However, researchers are still waiting for evidence that Viagra could actually work

on women. For now, physicians concentrate on eliminating medications that might have a negative

impact on a woman’s sexual health. Doctors also review the effects of certain contraceptive

methods that can be a possible factor for FSAD.

For women who suffer from vaginal dryness, it is recommended for them to use lubricants before

having sexual intercourse in order to prevent pain. On the other hand, some physicians recommend

women to practice Kegel Exercises, a form of exercise that helps in developing the muscles around

the outer part of the vagina. These muscles are involved in the production of pleasurable

sensations. Adding to this, psychological counseling can also play an integral role in treating

women with sexual problems, including FSAD. Coaching in sexual foreplay as well as stimulation

techniques can also contribute to the wellness of a woman who suffers from FSAD.

Upon knowing all these, women can now become more aware of this sexual health condition that

might be experienced by many, but is often misunderstood. Consulting one’s physician may be the

best way to know more about FSAD. Constant check-up sessions with the physician or gynecologist

will also help women prevent or address such a frustrating sexual condition.

Fresh Fruit Facials for Healthy Skin

I was having tea with a friend last week, and we were discussing our extensive skin care regimens. As we were exchanging tips and advice, I realized that I have amassed a virtual recipe box of facials that can be done using fresh fruit. As there are many of you out there that could benefit from this knowledge, I have decided to share my insights.

One of my favorites is the peach facial, which works very well as a tightening mask. Simply take a ripened peach, and remove the skin and the pit from the center. Place the peach and the whites from a single egg in a blender, and whip until smooth. Pat the mixture onto your face, and allow it to sit there for 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

I have found that the apple mask is very good for normal skin. Peel, core, and quarter an apple. Chop the apple in your blender, and add two tablespoons of honey. Blend until smooth. Then remove the mixture from the blender, and refrigerate for approximately 10 minutes. Apply the mixture to your face using a patting motion, and be sure to pat until the honey becomes tacky. Leave it on for about 30 minutes, and rinse with warm water.

I have also had great success with a Strawberry mask that my Grandmother told me about. The trick here is to use extremely ripe Strawberries. Add approximately ½ cup of strawberries and a ¼ cup of cornstarch to the blender, and mix until smooth. Apply the mixture to your face, and be careful to avoid the area around your eyes. Leave it on for 30 minutes, and rinse it off with cool water.

The next facial mask is excellent for blemished skin. Chop a ripened tomato into small pieces, and place it in your blender. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice and some instant oatmeal or rolled oats. Mix until it is all combined. Do not mix for too long, as it will not stick to your face. If it gets too thin, simply add more oatmeal. Apply the mixture, and leave it on for 10 minutes. Scrub it off using a warm, wet cloth.

There are many different ways to care for your skin, and as many different products on the market. In my experience, the most natural treatments provide the best results. Try to avoid products that have heavy perfumed scents or appear to use poor quality ingredients. These all natural fruit facials have worked wonders for me. I hope you enjoy them.

Frequent Sex and Good Health

Individuals engaged in active lifestyles like exercising, eating right foods, and taking vitamins should also involve frequent sex in their health regimen. While the degree of sexual activity in one’s health is not a principal topic of research, many studies suggest that safe sex can do wonders for one’s overall health. Safe sex practiced in a loving, intimate relationship has numerous health benefits like improved cholesterol levels and increased blood circulation. It also encourages the flow of testosterone, a hormone that plays an important role in the immune system.
Sexual intercourse burns about 200 calories, the same number of calories can be achieved by spending 15 minutes in a treadmill. In addition, sex encourages the production of endorphins, the body natural painkiller. These substances, enables a state of bliss and frees people from stress and anxiety. These factors can lead to feelings of happiness, greater health and may slowdown the aging process. An active sex life may lead to improved health and enable people to live longer and happier lives.

For Him

A medical study published by Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), found out that frequent ejaculation resulting from sexual activity may help protect the prostate from cancer. This finding supports a smaller study in Australia from 2003 that found out that men in 20’s who ejaculated more than five times a week were less likely to developing prostate cancer than their counterparts who ejaculated four to seven times a month. Specialists add that ejaculating regularly might lower the risk of cancer because cancer-causing substances are flushed out of the body in the seminal fluid instead of being trapped in the prostate. In addition, researchers in Queens University concluded that by having sex three or more times a week, men may cut heart attack or stroke rates by almost half. However, having sex with multiple partners may raise a man’s risk of prostate cancer to up to 40% because his the risk of contracting sexual infection increases.

For Her

Sexual activity may also help prevent endometriosis, a common gynecological condition that affects about 89 million women around the world. This condition occurs when the tissue lining inside a woman’s uterus grown in other places like the ovaries or the fallopian tube. This growth can cause pelvic pain and may lead to infertility. A study by the journal of Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation, concluded that women who were sexually active during their menstruation were 15 times less likely to develop endometriosis than women who abstained from sex during periods. The contractions of the uterus during orgasm may help flush away menstrual debris out of the uterus. Sexual activity among women also prompts the production of estrogen which can act as a painkiller and reduce the pain of Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS).

Sexual intercourse is not just the insertion of a man’s erect penis into a woman’s vagina. It is a process of physical intimacy that strengthens the bond among lovers. Understanding safe sex and sex within marriage may lead to improved health and fruitful marriages.

Fostering Healthy Eating Habits In Your Baby

If you’re concerned about your baby’s health, you want to be certain to start healthy eating habits early. The first year of solid foods is a very important time for establishing your child’s eating habits. What your child eats, and more importantly, does not eat, during this time can impact their habits for life. Here are some tips for starting out right with your child’s first menu.

Watch the sugar
This is a biggie. Eliminating refined sugar from your child’s diet in the early days can help the child develop a taste for savory flavors, which in the long run, can help them enjoy a wider variety of foods, without having such a sweet tooth. In addition, a low sugar diet can help ensure that your child maintains a proper weight. So, keep the cookies and candies away. Use fruit and yogurt as dessert. Remember, if your child has not been exposed to sugar, she won’t miss it.

Feed whole grains
Stay away from white flour. Most American diets are painfully low in whole grains, because we are a “white bread” society. Try using wheat breads, oats and other whole grains instead.

Keep the beverages simple
Milk, water and juice are enough. Soda and sweetened drinks will work their way in eventually, but put it off as long as you can. In addition, watering the juice down a bit can help reduce the calories and sugar content. Plus, it minimizes the risk of your child having a stomach ache from too much juice.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again
Keep reintroducing healthy foods, even if they are not met with applause the first time around. The rule in our house is that you have to try any food you don’t like every six months. Children’s tastes change, and what they didn’t like a few months ago might just taste better, so keep trying.

Evaluate the family eating habits
As your child grows, she will be spending more time eating what the rest of the family eats, so it’s important that your eating habits be good, too. Are you serving a wide variety of foods? Think color – too much white food has a lot of calories, and not a lot of nutrition. Green, yellow, red and orange foods should be on your table on a regular basis.

Establishing good eating habits for your child is one of the best gifts you can give her. It will set her off on a lifetime of health and well being. Remember, the best way to get your children to eat well is to be a role model. They will eat the way you eat, so set a good example.

Self Employed Health Insurance

One of the major hassles of being self employed is the need to find an affordable health insurance plan that doesn’t break the bank as you’re trying to keep your own business running successfully. With all the articles and news casts about the ever rising costs of health care, the thought of finding an appropriate insurance policy that is also cheap can seem like a daunting task at first glance.

The good news is that if you are self employed then you have an abundance of choices in health insurance options. There is individual health insurance, small group health insurance, discount plans, and then the process of looking at various insurance companies and allowing them to bid away for your business. The most important aspect of finding a good health insurance plan is to be organized and to do your research before you actually start the process of shopping.

Individual health insurance is often the best way to go because these policies tend to be the cheapest. This has a major asterisk, in that your family will not get coverage. If you are single, this is not an issue. If you have small children or a pregnant wife, then this is a very big deal. If individual health insurance is a viable option, you should strongly pursue these policies as they usually cost only 50% as much as group plans or other options.

Small group health insurance often takes place when a group of small business owners band together (and some states require only as few as two people) in order to get insurance coverage. If this is much more expensive, then why choose this over individual health insurance? It depends on your history. If you are older, then having a group of younger individuals can bring down the cost. Also, if you have a pre-existing condition then they still can not turn you down.

These are the two best options for most self-employed individuals, although there are other options, though often with more danger of the unscrupulous side of things getting involved. One thing to note, is that at least of the writing of this article laws have been passed so that your individual health insurance is 100% tax deductible in the United States. That’s right: every penny spent in a policy to keep you covered can be used as a tax write off from Uncle Sam. This can strongly help to off-set what may seem like prohibitive costs from covering yourself via an individual health insurance policy.

Health insurance is important, and self-employed health insurance is even more so since you are solely responsible for lost income, as well as your own health. There are companies who specialize in insurance for small businesses, so check around to see what type of a special deal they might be able to offer. There are a wide arrange of options out there, so just do your research and look around and you’ll find the right self employed health insurance for you.

Maximum Benefit Phase in Physical Fitness Training

A physical fitness training program is divided into three phases: preparatory, conditioning, and maintenance. The starting phase for different individuals will vary depending on their age, fitness levels, and previous physical activity.

Young, healthy persons may be able to jump right into the conditioning phase, while those who have been exercising regularly may already be in the maintenance phase. Factors such as extended inactivity, injury or illness can drop you from a maintenance to a conditioning phase. Persons who have not been physically active, especially if you are age 40 or older, should start with the preparatory phase.

Preparatory Phase

The preparatory phase helps both the cardiorespiratory and muscular systems get used to exercise, preparing the body to handle the conditioning phase. The work load in the beginning must be moderate. Progression from a lower to a higher level of fitness should be achieved by gradual, planned increases in frequency, intensity, and time.

Initially, poorly conditioned persons should run or, walk if need be, three times a week at a comfortable pace that moderately elevates their heart rate for 10 to 15 minutes. Continue at this until you have no undue fatigue or muscle soreness the day following the exercise. After that you can lengthen this cardiorespiratory exercise session to 16 to 20 minutes and/or elevate your heart rate by increasing the pace. If you feel breathless slow down to a walk.

The preparatory phase for improving muscular endurance and strength through weight training should start easily and progress gradually. Beginning weight trainers should select about 8 to 12 exercises that work all the body’s major muscle groups. You should use only very light weights the first week (that is, the first two to three workouts). This is very important, as you must first learn the proper form for each exercise.

Light weights will also help minimize muscle soreness and decrease the likelihood of injury to the muscles, joints, and ligaments. During the second week, you should use progressively heavier weights on each resistance exercise. By the end of the second week (four to six workouts), you should know how much weight will let you do 8 to 12 repetitions to muscle failure for each exercise. At this point the conditioning phase begins.

Conditioning Phase

To reach the desired level of fitness, you must increase the amount of exercise and/or the workout intensity as your strength and/or endurance increases. To improve cardiorespiratory endurance, for example, you must increase the length of time you run. You should start with the preparatory phase and gradually increase the running time by one or two minutes each week until you can run continuously for 20 to 30 minutes.

At this point, you can increase the intensity until you reach the desired level of fitness. You should train at least three times a week and take no more than two days between workouts. For weight trainers, the conditioning phase normally begins during the third week. You should do one set of 8 to 12 repetitions for each of the selected resistance exercises. When you can do more than 12 repetitions of any exercise, you should increase the weight used on that exercise by about five percent so you can again do only 8 to 12 repetitions.

This intensity increasing process continues throughout the conditioning phase. As long as you continue to progress and get stronger while doing only one set of each exercise, it is not necessary for you to do more than one set per exercise. When you stop making progress with one set, you should add another set on those exercises in which progress has slowed. As training progresses, you may want to increase the sets to three to help promote further increases in strength and/ or muscle mass.

For maximum benefit, you should do strength training three times a week with 48 hours of rest between workouts for any given muscle group. It helps to periodically do a different type of exercise for a given muscle or muscle group. This adds variety and ensures better strength development. The conditioning phase ends when all personal, strength-related goals have been met.

Maintenance Phase

The maintenance phase sustains the high level of fitness achieved in the conditioning phase. The emphasis here is no longer on progression. A well designed, 45- to 60-minute workout (including warm-up and cool-down) at the right intensity three times a week is enough to maintain almost any appropriate level of physical fitness. These workouts give you time to stabilize your flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance, and muscular endurance and strength. However, more frequent training may be needed to reach and maintain peak fitness levels.

Of course, once you get to this level, maintaining an optimal level of fitness should become part of your life-style and should be continued for life.

Healthy Eyes

Eat plenty of spinach (full of beta carotene), citrus (for vitamin C), nuts (for vitamin E) and lean beef (for zinc) now. An organic diet consisting of such food items can reduce the risk of vision loss by 35 percent for people between 70 and 85 years of age, as per a new study in The Journal of the American Medical Association.

Foods brimming with the kind of antioxidants mentioned above help fight an age-related eye disease called macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness in older people. Antioxidants counter the effects of oxidation on the tissues and structure of the eyes. The body attempts to counter the effects of oxidation by producing and using antioxidants such as are found in Vitamins.

The following Vitamins have been found to improve, protect and support eye health;

Vitamin C found in fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, strawberries, rosehip and broccoli, reduces pressure in the Glaucoma, slowing deterioration in macular degeneration, and reducing the risk of cataracts.

Vitamin A found in carrots, sweet potatoes, and liver may reduce risk of cataracts, and night blindness. Its deficiency might cause blindness, and corneal ulcers.

Vitamin E found in many nuts, such as almonds and hazelnuts, uses its antioxidant properties to reduce the risk for macular degeneration and cataracts.

Besides vitamins; Minerals play a vital role in maintaining and improving eyesight. Minerals are inorganic compounds (Carbon free) that actually metabolize vitamins in the body. They help maintain flow of information (electricity) necessary for every element.

Some minerals and compounds believed to be crucial to the health of eyes are: Zinc (found in red meat, wheat, oysters); Selenium (seafood, yeast and nuts); Lutein (spinach and collard green – reduces dry eyes); Bioflavonoids (citrus fruits, bilberry, and strawberries – improve night vision); Carotenoids pigment (red, orange and yellow fruits and plants, leafy green vegetables – prevents macular degeneration and cataracts)

Ideally all the above mentioned nutrients should be present in normally available food. But that’s not the case because modern farming practices – read pesticides and fertilizers – and the depletion of nutrients in the soil has resulted in fruits and vegetables not so rich in vitamins and minerals. Hence, the need for food supplements and ‘organic food’.

But not everyone can have organic food; for lack of money or for lack of access, so a Vitamin Supplement is a good option to get those missing nutrients and avoid potentially dangerous diseases such as macular degeneration.

1. Bilberry – Bilberry is a herb used for both gastrointestinal and eye health. It contains active ingredients called Anthocyanidin Bioflavonoids, which are are antioxidants that help improve the flow of blood through the capillaries in eyes. It’s also used to treat diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration.

2. Grapeseed – Grapeseed improves the peripheral circulation in our eyes, and also strengthens the capillaries.

3. Eyebright – Eyebright makes a great eye home remedy. It’s great for sore eyes, and has an anti-inflammatory and soothing action.

4. Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Research from Harvard Medical School has found that taking Omega-3 oils reduces the chance of getting dry eyes. Try taking 3 to 6 grams of a good quality fish oil supplement daily.

Now Food Supplements packed with all the above nutrients are readily available. They do help, but it is important to note that care should be taken while determining the appropriate quantities. If health concerns are a factor, consulting a dietitian or physician may be prudent.

To know more about nutrients and vitamin supplements essential for eye health, check out the articles and other material at

Healthy Meals

When preparing your next health-conscious menu, consider that where you find your ingredients can be just as important as what you use.

Certified Wild American shrimp, caught fresh in their own natural environment in the Atlantic and Gulf, have added appeal to health-conscious consumers who care about where their food comes from.

“Wild-caught shrimp are fresh, succulent and tender, unlike 85 percent of shrimp, which are imported and pond-raised,” said Monica Pope, owner and chef of the Houston restaurant t’afia. She lives by the philosophy “eat where your food lives.”

Wild American shrimp are beneficial for those who are trying to lose weight. “A typical 4-ounce portion has just 112 calories when served steamed, boiled, grilled or baked and provides 23 grams of protein -; 47 percent of the daily value for protein,” Pope said.

She recommends that consumers ask for certified Wild American shrimp at their grocery store, favorite restaurant or seafood counter.

“You have a choice,” she said. “By asking for certified Wild American shrimp, you’re not only choosing the best-tasting seafood possible, you’re also helping to support an entire industry and way of life.”


1 pound Wild American shrimp, cleaned

2 1/2 cloves garlic, peeled

2/3 teaspoon salt

1 small bay leaf

1/3 tablespoon fresh-squeezed lime juice

2 1/2 cups water

2/3 teaspoon turmeric

3 tablespoons lime juice

1/3 teaspoon red chili powder

3 tablespoons cilantro, chopped

Place garlic cloves in a food processor with the salt and mince. Toss with the shrimp and set aside for 15 minutes. In a saucepan, bring the water to a boil with the bay leaf, 1/3 tablespoons lime juice and the 2/3 teaspoon turmeric.

When the water is boiling, add the shrimp, stirring. Cook just until opaque, about 2 to 3 minutes. Drain.

Immediately spread the shrimp onto a large baking sheet to cool. Mix the additional lime juice, red chili powder and a pinch of turmeric together and pour over the warm shrimp. Toss until well-combined. Add cilantro leaves after the shrimp have cooled.

Variety Of Vegetables

Eating healthy is important for everyone – and I bet: you know that already…

Plus: one of the most important keys to eating a better diet is eating more fruits and vegetables. I bet again: you knew that too. But:

Many people are unsure how to use vegetables more effectively as part of their diet, but it may be easier than you think to provide yourself and your family with healthy, nutritious meals at a great prices!

One way to create wonderful meals that are healthier than ever is to take a stroll through the produce section of your local grocery store.

Most major grocery store chains have huge produce sections, containing a wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables from all corners of the world.

Trying a variety of different fruits and vegetables is a great way to keep your meals interesting and exciting in addition to nutritious. It is all too easy to become bored when trying to follow a healthy diet, and boredom can lead people to abandon their healthy habits.

Avoiding diet burnout is important to the long term survival of even the most sensible eating plan.

So if you’ve never had vegetables like collard greens, asparagus or kale before, why not give them a try. Not only can trying new things allow you to make great new discoveries, but it can increase your level of fitness as well. Leafy green vegetables like spinach, broccoli and kale are rich sources of many important vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients.

Another great way to increase the variety of vegetables you enjoy is to combine fresh, frozen and canned vegetables. While fresh vegetables are generally better and healthier, frozen and canned vegetables can be great alternatives for when the fresh varieties are out of season.

One of the best things about fresh fruits and vegetables is the great variety of flavors, colors and textures available. Eating a variety of different colored vegetables and fruits does much more than provide much needed variety. It also provides a great variety of nutrients.

For instance, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables tend to be very high in beta carotene, while green leafy vegetables are often great sources of calcium and other important nutrients. So why not spice up your plain old green salad with a splash of color in the form of yellow peppers or orange carrot slices?

Many people wrongly think that they can make up for a crappy diet by using vitamin and mineral supplements. This mistaken belief is apparently very widespread, since sales of these supplements continue to break records.

When considering vitamin and mineral supplements, however, it is important to remember that foods contain many different minerals, trace elements and other micronutrients.

That means that for every nutrient that has been discovered and synthesized, there may be ten, twenty or more of these micronutrients that have yet to be fully understood. That is why no vitamin supplement, no matter how complete, can truly replace a healthy, balanced diet.

In addition, vitamin and mineral supplements are quite a bit more expensive than a good selection of vegetables and fruits, and not nearly as tasty.

When changing your diet and eating for a healthier lifestyle, it is important to educate yourself about eating right, and go choose the right fruits and vegetables for your tastes. After all, the best diet is the one you can follow for the rest of your life.

One of the best ways to start eating a healthy diet is to choose the freshest fruits and vegetables. Not only do fresh fruits and vegetables taste better, but they are less expensive and more nutritious as well. Choosing a variety of in season fruits and vegetables every week is a great way to enjoy healthy and varied meals.

Of course your favorite fruits and vegetables will not always be in season, so it will sometimes be necessary to supplement those fresh fruits and vegetables with canned and frozen varieties. When choosing canned fruits, try to avoid those packed in syrup; choose canned fruits packed in fruit juice or water instead. They will be healthier and contain less sugar.

Adding fresh fruit, such as apple slices, mandarin oranges, nectarines and the like is a great way to make plain salads more interesting and more delicious. Combining fruits and vegetables is a great way to enhance your nutrition as well.

Short term Health Insurance

When people think of health insurance, they think of traditional health insurance, with office visits, co-payments, and prescription drug coverage. However, such health insurance is not always available. Perhaps you are transitioning from one job to another; or maybe you are employed part-time or with a temporary agency that does not offer full health coverage; or you might be attending or just graduating from school. In these situations, traditional health insurance is sometimes not available. If you are unable to afford traditional health insurance but would like some coverage in the case of an accident or emergency, short-term health insurance is your best bet.

Short-term health insurance fills the gap in health insurance coverage that may come about for a number of different reasons, including those listed above. The idea of short-term health insurance is built into the name – it is a short-term solution offering short-term coverage, with the expectation that at some point, you will begin or resume traditional health insurance coverage. It is designed for those who would like some coverage in case of accident or injury and covers only emergency or serious medical expenses, such as x-rays, ambulance fees, intensive care, and a certain amount of hospital care. Though policies vary, these are often standard in short-term health insurance coverage. However, short-term health insurance does not cover regular physician visits, nor do they cover pre-existing conditions. If you are looking for this sort of coverage, you should consider obtaining a traditional health insurance policy or looking into other options.

Short-term health insurance costs vary greatly; you will have a monthly premium, ranging anywhere from $25 to $100, depending upon the plan’s coverage and deductible, which often begins at $250 and can increase to $5,000. Most policies these days also offer a reasonable pay-out amount (often one or two million dollars). Policies allow you to choose coverage for specific lengths of time, from 30 days to 90 days or six months, but almost no short-term policies extend past one year.

How do you find short-term health insurance? It is not as difficult as it may seem. A simple Internet search will yield a number of companies that offer short-term health insurance coverage. Searching online will also give you the opportunity to compare different companies and different plans. Just be sure to research each of the policies carefully to understand your maximum pay-out as well as deductibles, coverage, and other terms of the agreement.

Foods That Fight Health Problems Part 3

– Blackberries – Blackberry is packed with catechin and epicatechin. These two compounds neutralize free radicals that damage cell’s genetic material and provoke cancer. Catechins help to lower cholesterol levels which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease. The quercetin in blackberries attacks production of free radicals and help in preventing bad cholesterol from causing damage to blood vessels. Another benefit of quercetin is that it halts the production of substance called histamine that makes allergy sufferers sneeze and wheeze. Fibers in blackberries prevent constipation and colon cancer. Blackberries if refrigerated immediately will have shelf (fridge) life of two or three days before starting to spoil.

– Blueberries – The compounds in blueberries protect you again cancer, heart disease, urinary tract infections and even wrinkles. Blueberries help reverse short term memory loss. Quick fixes for stomachache – reach out for few tablespoons of dried blueberries and get rid of the tummy ache. Avoid fresh or frozen berries to aggravate the tummy trouble. Tannins in blueberries kick out those bacteria’s responsible for urinary tract infections. Tannins prevent the germs from attaching to your bladder.

– Bok Choy – Popular known as Chinese celery , Bok Choy is about the same size as the normal celery stalks with start white ribs and deep green flat, ruffled leaves. Loaded with calcium, manganese and iron, it is good for bones and blood. Vitamin C in Bok Choy will help heal your wounds from paper cuts and hang nails to surgical incisions. Packed with potassium, Bok Choy helps to lower blood pressure. Simply speaking, Bok Choy battles cancer and high blood pressure and bolsters bones and wound healing.

– Broccoli – Broccoli is a fighter against cancer and other major health problems. Broccoli comprises of vitamin A, C, K, fiber and compounds like Lutein and sulforaphane. It prevents prostate problems, cancer of the bladder and colon cancer. Broccoli also tackles health problems like heart disease, hip fracture and cataracts.

– Brown Rice – Brown rice lowers the risk of developing heart disease. It prevents the danger of diabetes. Recent studies show eating two servings of whole grain daily reduces the risk of dying from heart attack by 30%.

– Brussels Sprouts – They offer plenty of protection against big time diseases like cancer, birth defects, osteoporosis and heart trouble. Brussels sprouts protect your DNA from cancer causing substances. Cancer fighting enzymes prevent colon cancer. More than men, women are hounded with osteoporosis. Brussels sprouts supplies vitamin K that protect against osteoporosis.

Foods That Fight Health Problems Part 2

– Bananas – Mother Nature’s perfect snack. No preparation, no washing or refrigeration. They are prepackaged in a biodegradable wrapper for perfect enjoyment. Since they are easily digestible, they are often served as babies’ first food. Women suffering from PMS can get a healthy serotonin rush by consuming a banana. Bananas help build a shield against heart disease. They are packed with potassium that helps fend off high blood pressure. In short, the goodness of bananas battles cancer, heart diseases, high blood pressure, kidney stones, premenstrual syndrome and strokes.

– Barley – Barley with all its magic ingredients is good for heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Beta-glucan fiber lowers cholesterol, while tocotrienol deactivates an enzyme that tells the liver how to produce artery clogging cholesterol. Barley is a quick fix for constipation. Just 1 cup of cooked barley can provides approx 14 gms of fiber to get the bowels moving.

– Basil – Originally a cooking herb, Basil has found many uses as a medicinal herb too. Basil weakens the ulcer producing activity of aspirin and alcohol, fight inflammation and swelling and battle infection causing bacteria. It also prevents colon cancer and helps build strong bones. Basil helps reduce bloating and flatulence. If you overindulged with alcohol, drink tea by steeping 2 tbsp of chopped fresh or dried basil leaves mixed in 1 cup of just boiling water for about 15 minutes. Strain and sip and feel the difference.

– Beans – These luscious legumes are loaded with fiber and other nutrients to keep body running in top shape. Beans fights cancer and cholesterol. B vitamin folate reduces blood levels of amino acid involved in heart disease. People having type 2 diabetes benefit from the soluble fiber present in the beans. It slows down the passage of carbohydrates from foods into the bloodstream. Beans fight the battle of bulge as they control your appetite by taking up lots of room in your tummy. If you keep forgetting things, people, etc, boost your brainpower by eating a serving of beans few times are week.

– Beef – Are you surprised to know that beef can help to fight common health problems? Loaded with disease fighting nutrients, beef if you buy lean gives no complaints. Lean beef lowers level of bad density lipoprotein and improves levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol. Beef supplies vitamins and minerals that maybe in short supply in a diet. Selenium in beef is a powerful antioxidant that lowers the risk of skin cancer, fights heart disease and wards off infections.

– Beet – Heart shaped veggies, 1 cup of fresh beets gives 1/3 of daily folate requirement. In short vitamin B that keeps homocysteine in control so that it does not trigger a heart attack. Beta – cyanin, a phytochemical that gives deep red colour is a cancer fighter. Beet juice curbs normal healthy cells from changing into cancer cells. Beets are good source of fiber for good bowel function. Beet battles cancer, diabetic and heart disease.

– Bell Peppers – Ring in health benefits with bell peppers. A red bell pepper packs in twice as much vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant eating up free radicals that cause cell damage leading to heart disease and cancer. Vitamin C also bolsters your immune system helping to lessen the severity and duration of a cold. Lutein and zeaxanthin – two plant compounds in red bell peppers prevent age related macular degeneration (ARMD) that is responsible for sharp vision. ARMD is common cause of irreversible blindness in people. Ophthalmologists recommend intake of these compounds from foods rather than medicine or supplements.

Foods And Exercises For A Healthy Heart

A healthy heart is necessary for a healthy life. If you get any heart disease then you will lose a lot in your life even though you have a lot of money. Eating healthy to maintain a healthy heart is an essential thing in life. You have to be careful in choosing your food so that you can avoid any heart disease. Your food should contain less of fat, sodium, calories and have more fiber content.

Meat, butter, cheese, and milk contain more fat and hence they should be taken in fewer quantities. If you take less sodium your blood pressure is reduced to some extent and this helps in avoiding the risks of a heart disease. Problems of the heart come to the persons who are obese. It is essential to reduce the weight to avoid a heart disease. To reduce weight you have to take fewer calories. Foods that contain more fiber content can be taken. Fruits, vegetables, and grains contain more fiber content.

One of the other factors that lead to a heart disease is a sedentary life style. People who have this style of life should do some exercise that aims at strengthening your heart. With the advent of technology based jobs more and more people are working in computers. These people who work in the computer often sit before the computer without doing any physical activity. The only thing that is active is their brain and their fingers! Such people should take frequent breaks to have a little walk which can refresh them to a greater extent. Some people try to relax by sitting before the television. Either you sit before your computer or in front of the TV. This is also a bad habit. If you want to relax try to take a walk outside. Walking is a good exercise for your heart. A brisk walk for about 40 minutes daily will change your life beyond your expectations. Try it.

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise can also be done to strengthen your heart. Some of the aerobic exercises are bicycling, jogging, jumping rope and skating. These exercises can be done for at least 20 to 30 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week. It is better to have an exercise schedule every alternate day. This habit makes you do your exercises regularly and without getting tired. If you are overweight then it is time to a look at your work schedule and allot some time for exercises. This will help you in the long way to have a healthy heart.

Food Synergy

Over the years, people have viewed the health benefits of vitamins and nutrients found in food individually. Most nutrition studies have isolated beta carotene, calcium,vitamin E, lycopene, omega-3, among other nutrients, to study its individual health benefits in the body. However, the disappointing results of various research studies only strengthened the growing belief that there is more to food and diet than just the sum of its nutrient parts. David R. Jacobs, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Minnesota, argues in a recent commentary for the Nutrition Reviews journal that nutrition researchers should focus on whole foods rather than only on single nutrients. “We argue for a need to return to food as the source of nutrition knowledge.” Dr. Jacobs co-authored the article with Linda C. Tapsell, a nutrition researcher at the University of Wollongong in Australia.
According to Dr. Jacobs, nutrition science needs to consider the effects of “food synergy” — the notion that the health benefits of certain foods aren’t likely to come from a single nutrient but rather combinations of compounds that work better together than apart. “Every food is much more complicated than any drug,’’ said Dr. Jacobs. “It makes sense to want to break it down. But you get a lot of people talking in the popular press about carbohydrates and fats in particular as if they were unified entities. They’re not. They’re extremely complicated.’’
When two scientists won a Nobel Prize in 1937 for identifying vitamin C as the essential component in citrus fruit that prevents scurvy, it somehow set the trend for the scientific community to focus on the health effects of biologically active single nutrients in foods. Nutrition researchers are breaking down the nutrients in food to identify its most potent benefits, such as beta carotene from carrots, lycopene from tomatoes, omega-3 from salmon, potassium from banana, among others. Foods rich in vitamin E have been widely considered as being good for the heart.
However, studies revealed that attributing the broad health benefits of a diet to a single compound is considered misguided. The idea that a diet rich in beta carotene and vitamin A can lower many types of cancer had been inaccurate based on the well-known 1994 Finnish study where smokers who took beta carotene were found to have an 18 percent higher incidence of lung cancer. In a similar study done in 1996, researchers gave beta carotene and vitamin A to smokers and workers exposed to asbestos. But the trial had to be stopped because the people taking the combined therapy showed markedly higher risks for lung cancer and heart attacks.
Since then, studies of other vitamins, notably vitamins E and B, have also failed to show a benefit. According to some quarters, vitamins are too often examined in sick people while the real benefit may be in preventing disease. On the other hand, Jacobs notes that the better explanation may simply be that food synergy, rather than the biological activity of a few key nutrients, is the real reason that certain diets appear to lower the risks of heart disease and other health problems.
So, when you are not sure what vitamins to take, just remember to have a nutrient-rich diet.

Food For Health

There are no less than 200-300 Thai dishes. Each has its own characteristics in flavor and feature.

It is not difficult to cook in the pre-historic era. Humans began their eating with raw trees: flowers, leaves, roots and bulbs. After having tasted the vagetables’bland flavor, they added some sour ones to make tastier, or mixed variety of vegetables. Later, they knew how to make simple cooking, for example, burning vegetables or putting rice into roasted bamboo (which was called “kaawlaam” or a glutinous rice with coconut cream topping stuffed in a bamboo section and roasted). As the time passed by, they knew how to cook in various ways: frying, making soup or curry, steaming, making yam (salad) and preserving.

Food cooking is both science and art. Some foods need time, man power and delicacy in cooking, including an artistic decoration. Cooperation in cooking helps create unity and warmth among family members.

The process of Thai cuisine explains Thai life: its tradition, custom and culture as well as confirms that Thai family is a big one in which its members live together with warm relationship. In cooking Thai food, family members have their share of helping, as a teamwork. Either the grown ups or the young ones, males or females, can participate. In some old families, the elders knew how to manage the young off springs giving their hands in cooking. Small kids could help with light works, e.g., nipping off miniature egg plants, or sweet basils from the stem; whereas the bigger ones could peel onions, garlics, pluck off vegetables, squeeze coconut meat, and pound chillies and spices, for example.

Accordingly, it is clearly seen that food cooking creates closeness among family members in talking and chatting to one another. Young kids knew how to help, and to cook as well as to be trained to have responsibility and discipline in working. The whole family, then, has a warm relationship and in turn produces worthy people for society in general.


Thai food always has its meaningful names which indicate its features or methods of cooking. Khanom Pui Fai is light, soft and yellowish white like cotton wool. Mi Krop (Crispy noodles) must be crispy. In the old days, most Thai people usually had a sense of humour and they often named foods, poetically, to stimulate the appetite. Among those foods are Jorka Lonson (Black bean in coconut milk), Naree Jaamseen (Banana in coconut milk) Ho Mujcha Chailai (Steamed curried fish), Paad Paakdong Fong Raga (Pickled vegetable fried with egg)

The Flavor of Thai food:
Regional Dishes :

The North: The food of the North has its light flavor, with a little spices, not very hot with chillies, not salty and without sugar, except in Phak Jo, Kaeng Kae, Kaeng Oom Moo, Sai Uaa, etc.

The North-East:The North-Eastern food has a strong flavor with chillies, salt, herbs and spices. Examples are Lap Pradook, Som Tom, Oomsab Tomsab, etc.

The Centre:The Central food has a moderate flavor with herbs and sugar. Kaeng Khieo Wan, Kaeng Som, Tom Yam, Tom Khaa Kai, Phanaeng, Choochee, are examples.

The South:The South has a very strong flavor of food with spicy herbs. Examples are fried or grilled tumeric-powdered fish, Kaeng Lyan, Tom Som, Pla Krabok and Kaeng Taipla.

better health today

Now that we’ve gone over the reasons why proper food combining is important and the groups of foods, let’s go over the principles of mixing these items properly.

Food combining: Rules to follow

To avoid fermentation in the intestines, indigestion, water retention and toxicity, do apply these simple techniques in eating for health

1. Eat sweet fruits with other varieties of sweet fruits only.
They may combine with sub-acid fruits

2. Eat Acid fruits alone or with Lettuce and Celery. In little quantities they may combine with Avocadoes or Nuts and Non-Starchy vegetables.

3. Avocadoes and Olives are best eaten with non-starchy vegetables. I believe mashed, avocadoes combine great with boiled potatoes.

4. Melons, as a rule eat alone or leave alone.

Food Combining: Combinations to Avoid

When practicing proper food combining as rule for eating healthier, these are some combinations you especially want to avoid.

1. Starch and Acid (e.g. Tomato and Potato)
2. Protein and Protein (Avocadoes and nuts)
3. Sweets and Starch (Maple Syrup and Rice)

Food Combining: Comments on other Food items

1. Never, ever eat fresh fruits with cooked meals. Save for the avocado and even then with caution.

2. Lettuce and Celery combine with anything. Eat these raw.

3. Meat & Fish: Eat these substances in very, very little quantities, one at a time and with
No/low starch vegetables exclusively.

4. Bread: Well, here is a thought, Nature doesn’t produce bread! If you must eat this item, eat as little of it as possible, toasted and with vegetables and fat only. Also to be considered is this fact: you’re only being rendered as soggy as that bread and if you’re male, it has the tendency to throw your sexuality out of sync. Ever wonder why some guys have breasts? Well, bread is piled with a high amount of estrogen (a female hormone) so do yourself a favor and eat of it no longer. (I have read that rye, spelt and un-yeasted breads might be okay in moderation)

5. Grains: Eat as little as possible of grains and when consumed, combine them with vegetables only.

Food combining: Final Suggestions and Closing thoughts

1. Never eat until you’re hungry and guidelines to know when you are in true hunger are as follows:
-The stomach aspires.
-The mouth salivates even at the sight of plain lettuce.
-The mind is happy and clear
-It happens usually after noon when the body is its building stage.

2. Do not drink liquids of any kind with your meals. It only dilutes the digestive juices in your stomach leading to indigestion and constipation.

3. As a rule of thumb, don’t drink anything but water an hour or 2 prior to and/or after eating your meals.

4. One truth regarding the conditions of the human blood found out by medical doctors is that acidity is a sign of disease. This readily happens with the mixed eater when he fills his stomach daily with meat, starch, confectioneries and fruit all at the same time.

If you are not fully convinced, next time you sit down to your Sunday dinner; have your usual menu served for an imaginary guest. Empty his portion in a pot, using the same quantities that you eat and drink yourself. Stir thoroughly, and then bake this in an oven at 500 degrees Fahrenheit for no less than 30 minutes. Place a cover on the pot and leave it overnight. When you remove the cover the next day, a distinct surprise will await you.
That surprise is also in your digestive tract and has and will continue to be there everyday as a result of improper food combining.

In Nature such as exists in the animal kingdom, there are no mixtures at all. The ideal and most natural method of eating is the mono-diet. Truthfully, one kind of fresh organic fruit, when in season, should constitute a meal and you will find yourself better nourished. However going back to that simplicity is very difficult in our complicated world. This is why, as an alternative, you should apply the guidelines above when eating for health. So at all times, follow these food combining principles properly and your body will thank you for years to come that you did.

Food combining

Eating is one of the many sources of enjoyment given to us by Nature. Though it was intended for this activity to be a source of nourishment for the body, since most modern day dietetic innovations avoid proper food combining methods, they tend to do the exact opposite.

In a traditional diet, everything is mixed together in every possible way. Ease of digestion is not the goal, but rather the excitement of the senses in one meal. Dr. Tilden used to say that Nature never produced a sandwich-a modern dietetic abomination. Such protein-starch combinations are of recent origin and like most modern meals today, instead of feeding the body, they actually poison it.

Bad Food combining creates indigestion, fermentation and gas. Food is fermenting and putrefying in the intestines, which is one of the main causes of constipation, a clogging up of the bodily tissues.

Therefore, simplicity of a meal should be the goal when eating for health. This includes first and foremost, proper food combining principles, consuming the right quantity at a time and eating only when truly hungry.

Certain foods take longer to digest than others and therefore should not be eaten at the same time as ones that would leave the stomach quicker. Ideally, eating one kind of food (fruit or vegetable) at a time would be the most ideal, but granted, we live in a society where success at certain things might hinge on enjoyment of the practice.

Variety is one sure way of increasing enjoyment but when it comes to food, especially for the health seeker, this should be approached with care.

Food combining: Classification of Foods

Foods (when eating for health) can be classified as follows.

1. Sweet Fruits: Tropical fruits, Bananas, Mangoes, Papaya, Dates, Dried fruits, Sweet apples.
2. Acid Fruit: Citrus, Lemon, Tomatoes, Berries, Pineapples.
3. Sub-Acid Fruit: Most tart apples, Pears, Grapes,
4. Melons: Cantaloupe, Honey-Dew, Water Melon etc
5. Fatty: Avocadoes, Olives, Durian, Young coconuts

-Nuts and Seeds

1. Non-Starchy Foods:
Green leaves, Carrots, Fruit Vegetables e.g. Cucumber, Bell Peppers, Zucchini
2. Starchy: Cooked Vegetables (roots), Grains (if necessary)

3. Lettuce and Celery:

Listed above are foods in their various categories, in the next part of the article on:
“Food combining: Learn the tips on this necessity for better health today.”
I will ensure to go over the details of food combining principles for eating right.

Boy, would it have been easier if we just ate like apes eh? Eat a mono-meal of fruit and a few leaves and call it a day. Well, in this present age, that is close to impossible for most people, hence the need to at least learn better food combining methods for health.

See you in part 2 of this article.

Good Food Health Vitamin Intake

It is essential that a person is aware of what constitutes good food health vitamin intake. The federal drug administration produces a recommended daily allowance for the majority of vitamins which it regards as a good food health vitamin intake. These figures vary according to a person’s age, sex and some other factors so that the good food health vitamin intake for a young woman is going to be different to that of a man in his seventies.

The food health vitamin intake amounts of certain foods are included in the nutritional labelling. This labelling is important for a person to consider and helps ensure that they are receiving the correct food health vitamin intake from the foods that they eat. The nutritional information is often represented as a percentage of the recommended daily allowance of each vitamin and mineral and can help assess the value of the foods in the quest for good food health vitamin intake.

There are also a number of items that a person may want to restrict in their diet as part of their good food health vitamin intake. Again, the nutritional labelling of certain foods can help a person to see how high a product is in these undesirable contents. Salt and fat, for example, may be items that a person wants to consider limiting as part of their good food health vitamin intake even though they are not strictly vitamins. The majority of people actually refer to nutrients when they use the word vitamin and food manufacturers are aware that a person is looking at minerals and other items when they are considering their good food health vitamin intake. Fiber is another element that many people are more aware of as forming an essential part of a balanced diet and is necessary for good food health vitamin intake.

If a person is on a restricted diet for any reason then they need to pay even more attention to their good food health vitamin intake. Obviously, some foods contain different nutrients to others and this is applicable to vitamins as well and it may be more difficult for a person to achieve their good food health vitamin intake if they are unable to eat certain foods. Vitamin supplements can form an essential part of a good food health vitamin intake for people who are unable to obtain their vitamins from their normal diet. It is also worth remembering that the good food health vitamin intake for a person varies throughout their life depending on their general health.

Folic Acid for a Healthy Self

Everyone knows about vitamins. There are many common vitamins that we are familiar with, and their functions. Vitamin C is known to be good for the skin, while Vitamin A is good the for the eyes. Vitamin D is often called the “sun vitamin”. These are the ones that many people think of when they think of vitamins. However, there is one important one that many people don’t know of. This vitamin is folic acid, and helps create healthy, new cells.

Most people have found themselves staring at the ingredients list on the cereal box during breakfast. The words printed on the back like riboflavin, folic acid, and pyridoxine, are just words to those who don’t know much about vitamins. Your mother has probably advised you to make sure you eat your vegetables, and your doctor to maintain a healthy diet. Both your mother and your doctor, along with the cereal box, are talking about Vitamin B, and a specific group, folic acid.

You can find folic acid in many food groups, and also vitamin supplements. It is advised for women who are pregnant, or could become pregnant take folic acid because it can help prevent birth defects.

You can get enough folic acid in three ways. First off you can choose to take supplements. Must of these vitamin supplements contain 400 micrograms of folic acid. This is a good way because you don’t have to worry about getting enough folic acid into your diet; it was all given to you in a supplement.

Another way is to begin your day with folic acid. Choose to eat a breakfast cereal that is full of folic acids. The label will say it contains 100% of recommended daily about of folic acid, which is 400 micrograms.

Lastly, you can also increase your consumption of foods that are rich with folic acids. These foods include enriched cereal, bread pasta, and other grains. Also, adding orange juice and more green vegetables to your diet is suggested.

No matter how old you are foods that are rich in folic acid are good for you. Not only should mothers or mothers to be take folic acid, but also young girls. This way, when the young girls grown up, folic acid will already be a part of their diet. Folic acid is best known as the acid that helps prevents birth defects. One of the concerns in today’s maternity environment is the large percentage of children born with neural tube defects or NTDs. NTDs happen when the spinal chord of the fetus doesn’t close properly.

Spina bifida is the most common NTD. Spina bifida occurs when a part of the baby’s spinal chord remains outside of the body. This birth defect can cause paralysis. The baby could be paralyzed in the legs, and have problems controlling the bladder or bowel movements. Anencephaly is another defect that occurs among babies. This is considered the most serious NTD. Anencephaly causes a baby to be born lacking parts in it’s skull and the brain eventually dies. Folic acid can help prevent these defects and can help keep the baby healthy from the first month of pregnancy, to the time of giving birth.

Florida Self Employed Health Insurance

Florida residents that are self employed and looking for health insurance have a number of options available to them. Be aware that depending upon your health, your age, and other factors unique to your particular situation there is no hard and fast rule as to which option is best for you. However, there are some general guidelines that will help you make the best Florida self employed health insurance decision.

The first Florida health insurance option available to the self employed is to simply apply for an individual health insurance policy. The benefit to applying for an individual health insurance policy is that individual health insurance rates in Florida are very competitive. You can see that first hand by viewing instant Florida health insurance quotes.

The downside to attempting to purchase an individual health insurance policy in the state of Florida is that you must be healthy. According to FL law, a health insurance company can decline your application for an individual health insurance policy based on prior medical history (pre-existing conditions), height and weight restrictions, and other health related criteria.

That means if you have cancer, diabetes, weight problems, or a host of other physical ailments then you will be denied coverage with a Florida individual health insurance policy. (Any unscrupulous agent that tries to tell you other wise is misrepresenting whatever product he or she is trying to sell you as health insurance when in fact it is probably a discount health plan or a health insurance indemnity plan with very limited coverage).

The second Florida health insurance option available to the self employed is to apply for a Florida group health insurance plan. In Florida, any group of 2 employer/employees or more is considered eligible for a Florida small group health insurance. (If it is just you: 1 self employed person functioning as a sole proprietor in the state of Florida then you have a different option open to you – see option 3 below). The benefit to applying for a Florida small group health insurance policy is that that certain health issues that can signal an automatic decline on the individual health insurance side will not signal an automatic decline on the group health insurance side.

The downside to attempting to purchase a group health insurance policy in the state of Florida is that it can be very expensive. Think of it in terms of: the more potentially unhealthy people that the insurance company has to give health insurance to (group health insurance) the higher the premiums will be as opposed to where the insurance company can pick and choose who they will accept for health insurance (individual health insurance).

The third Florida health insurance option available to the self employed is for those that are functioning as a sole proprietor. Florida self employed sole proprietors can apply for a Florida guaranteed issue small group health plan. The Florida guaranteed issue small group health plans has an open enrollment period only during the month of August.

Florida self employed health insurance can be a somewhat tricky area to navigate without the help of a licensed independent Florida health insurance agent. There are also many different ways to save money in taxes – one of which being the ability to deduct your health insurance premiums paid on Schedule C of your tax return against and up to your Schedule C income (Meaning that even if you don’t itemize [Schedule A] you can still deduct your health insurance premiums paid all the way up to your Schedule C income!).

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Florida Health Insurance

Florida health insurance companies are now feeling the effects of the increased price transparency that the Internet brings. Now longer is it a process of days or even weeks to obtain multiple health insurance quotes from top Florida health insurance companies. The simplest and most efficient way to obtain health insurance in Florida is simply to make the top health insurance companies in the state (Golden Rule/United Healthcare, Aetna, and Humana) compete for your business!

If you cringe at the thought of a United Healthcare agent, an Aetna agent, and a Humana agent all clustering around you amongst a swarm of other Florida health insurance agents and trying to push their company’s policy upon you then read on; for health insurance shopping on the Internet has simplified everything. There are numerous Florida health insurance websites that offer Florida health insurance quotes but there are quite a few very important distinctions between the different types.

There are two main types of websites that offer Florida health insurance quotes to Florida health insurance shoppers: Marketing Organizations and Insurance Agencies.

Marketing Organizations do not sell insurance, are not regulated by any insurance department, and generally have no knowledge whatsoever concerning Florida health insurance. However, they can offer consumers a somewhat appealing service. How can they assist in purchasing health insurance?

They act as a middleman between Florida health insurance shoppers and Florida health insurance agents. When Mrs. Smith in Tampa, FL requests a health insurance quote then the marketing company sells her information as a lead to 5 or more Florida insurance agents.

Ignoring the privacy issues and the issue of the qualifications of the health insurance agents that will be purchasing your information there is the larger and more practical issue of do you really want to have 5+ insurance agents aggressively seeking your business?

Imagine that each health insurance agent is taught in their sales training to call you at least 5 times and email you at least 3 times before “giving up” on you as an insurance prospect: that means that you have received 25 phone calls and 15 emails from various insurance agents!

The second type of website that offers Florida health insurance quotes is the website that is run by an insurance agency (note that it is very important to find only an independent Florida insurance agency – meaning an agency that is not tied to working with only one health insurance company but can show you health insurance quotes from all of the top Florida health insurance companies. This is also why we will ignore the quasi third group of websites that offer Florida health insurance quotes: the health insurance carrier websites themselves. These can be a good service but very time consuming. There is a better way to shop for Florida health insurance. Read on-).

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